widespread Icelandic moss has a temperate climate zones of America and Europe, is common in many parts of Russia.It is a deciduous shrub with a low thallus having a brown-green color.

The composition of the leaves of Iceland moss contains a large amount of carbohydrates with some vegetable fats and proteins.Tannins and polysaccharides contained in the rhizome lichen, give it excellent astringent properties and enveloping.

Numerous species of plants acids provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition, as part of the Icelandic moss was found a large amount of beneficial vitamins such as copper, manganese, iodine and iron.

therapeutic use

contained medicinal properties from Iceland moss have a healing effect primarily on different diseases and infectious nature of the tumor.This plant is able to minimize internal inflammation and heal the b

It perfectly helps with a strong cough and respiratory diseases, as well as stomach and liver.Regular use of tincture of Iceland moss helps to establish digestion, speed up metabolism, improve appetite, restore intestinal microflora, reduce the effects of severe intoxication, normalize everyday chair.

perfectly valid Icelandic moss is able to assist in the treatment of skin diseases, burns and various injuries of the epidermis.A large number of beneficial vitamins and minerals in its composition great effect on increasing immunity, especially in the postoperative period, and helps to improve the overall condition of the body.

absence of contraindications and side effects make this plant absolutely safe even for children.

dosage forms and methods of use of the Icelandic moss

basic formulation application Icelandic moss - infusion.A few spoonfuls of the dry plant is filled with hot water and infuse for a while.Such a preparation can be used in undiluted form several times a day.

often can be found in the sale of Iceland moss syrup.It is well suited for the treatment of bronchitis and cough in children, as well as an additional additive that improves the immune system and strengthens the body, which can be diluted in tea or other drinks.

As a very potent drug and therapeutic use Icelandic moss extract, which is obtained from the leaves of the plants and thallus.