first started talking about supplements in the 90s of the last century, a new political system and a market in Russia has brought a huge amount of drugs that promise to save people from a variety of diseases.Today, memories of abundant interfere with a person to look at reality and to properly assess the quality of the goods.For example, flax seeds are Bud, but their healing properties has been known for many centuries, even our grandmothers were treated with this product, and to treat it is not a negative, because it can be used for healing and beauty.

Network sales

Originally supplements sold through network marketing.It is through such companies a lot of drugs come from a variety of diseases.Some really w
orked, helping people to feel better, but not deterred the results or lack thereof, and obsession.These products are not only sold, but actively advertised in different ways.Consultants were pushy and not always correct, that often cause irritation.

Network products sometimes cost more expensive than that formed a negative attitude.Of course, over time the company to change the policy, employees have become polite, we began to understand the proposed range, but the initial experience has not been forgotten.People have spent a lot of money, believe in results, not always get what you want.Discussion of the effect has been very active, people often spoke of the deception, and that is what came to be associated with Badami.

Composition of goods

Medications are very serious testing before they get on the shelves of pharmacies.Studies confirm their effectiveness, but also talking about security.Complete these procedures may not be every substance.And not only in quality, but in particular analysis.Pharmaceutical companies decide such questions easily, small as it may be the company can not afford.And for the release of goods marked with BAD do not need a lot of documents.

The network can find a lot of articles talking about the fact that dietary supplements add ingredients that do not produce results.Sometimes, for a great price offer supplements that can not help but work only on faith.The effect of "placebo" is known in the world, and it is triggered, the scientific data on the results of the drug may not be.People are aware of it, afraid to take a product that does not have a medical certificate.

general opinion

supplements to many people - a tool of any ailments.This is also a relic of the past, when the tablets were sold from any disease, you need to drink only was the course that gave the chic results.Of course, it was fantastic.But even today, when a person offer dietary supplements, he thinks that he will "tablet of all".

In today's world, supplements are very necessary, and they provide a unique effect.There are drugs for health, there is beauty, there is to cleanse the body.Herbal tea can also be Bud, but it is important not because the name and composition.Do not succumb to the general opinion, learn all about the product, and you will find a lot of useful and enjoyable it among similar products.