first use of plants in medicine dates back to the 3rd millennium BC, when the excavations of the Sumerian city of Nippur was found cuneiform tablet containing 15 recipes of herbs.Even then, people treated the disease with these gifts of nature.Today, the medicine used about 12,000 medicinal plants, both in traditional and in folk.One-third of modern drugs is based on medicinal plants and every year this number increases.
looked into the pharmacy, you can be sure that the plant complex includes not only the tablets and injection, and tinctures, powders, ointments, syrups and the like.Herbs are used in medicine, either directly or after pre-treatment - drying, cleaning and cutting.Moreover, you may purchase the drug on the basis of the same plant, and on the basis of charge.In folk medicine, most commonly used infus
ions and decoctions of herbs.Infusion you can cook at home in one of two ways: hot or cold.When cold grinding method, or plant collection is filled with cold water, and when hot - boiling.
Broth absorbed by the body more slowly infusions, but are longer.To prepare the broth you should pour chopped plant water, bring to a boil, this Regulation and taken according to instructions.Using plant extracts and tinctures are prepared.In extracts of raw materials extracted from existing components are in a more concentrated form and dissolved in tinctures.Aqueous, alcoholic, aqueous alcoholic, the alcohol-ether and ether extracts and tinctures are galenicals.The infusion of how you can buy at the pharmacy, and cook at home, using alcohol.Insist plants, usually from a week to a month in a dense sealed container, and then take a small dosage, spreading water.
powders are dry plants and herbs that are ground in a production environment or at home using a coffee grinder or mortar.For storage, you must use a tightly sealed container.Syrups are prepared using concentrated juice and sugar plants.The syrup can be diluted with water or various preservatives, permitted for medical use.The ointments include a binder, usually tallow and comminuted fresh or dried plants.
plants in medicine as well as chemical drugs should be taken by a doctor and in the recommended dosage of them.Remember, many of them are toxic and have side effects, so it is better not to collect herbs on their own, and purchase everything you need at the pharmacy.