Instructions for Use "Kagocel»

«Kagocel" exhibits antiviral activity, stimulates the immune system.He is able to protect against ionizing radiation.Means increases the production of interferon in cells involved in the formation of immunity."Kagocel" designated for adults and children aged six years, according to indications with SARS, influenza, herpes infections.The drug is also used as part of an integrated treatment of urogenital chlamydiosis.The tool is effective in the prevention of diseases during epidemics of influenza, SARS.

Kagocel "Inside, regardless of when it was meal.For influenza, SARS during the first two days of illness drink by means of two tablets twice daily.Then take one tablet three times a day.The course of treatment lasts for 4 days, during which time you need to drink no more than 18 tablets.When herpes infection, urogenital chlamydiosis is require
d to drink two tablets means three times a day for five days.In the course of a duration of five days is necessary to thirty pills "Kagocel."Prevention of SARS, the flu runs seven-day cycles.In the first two days to take two tablets once a day, and then make a break for five days.Then the cycle is repeated.Prevention can be done within a few months.

children with the age of six years, "Kagocel" can assign the following scheme.If SARS, influenza within two days drink by means of one tablet three times a day, then take one tablet twice a day.The treatment lasts 4 days, during which time you need to take no more than 10 tablets.For the prevention of SARS and influenza in children from six years to carry out preventive cycles.For two days, the child is given one tablet once a day, then for five days take a break.Prevention can be done within a few months.

«Kagocel": side effects, contraindications

«Kagocel" well combined with other antiviral agents, preparatami- immunomodulators, antibiotics.The highest efficiency is achieved by its application no later than four days from the start of treatment.As a preventive drug can be used immediately after contact with infectious agents.

«Kagocel" generally well tolerated, in rare cases it may be allergic to the components of the tools.The drug is contraindicated in hereditary galactose intolerance, galactose malabsorption, glucose, hypersensitivity, lactase deficiency, pregnancy, breastfeeding.The tool can not be used in children younger than six years.