Like other pharmacological agents, steroids should be taken under the supervision of a specialist in fixed dosage.Wrong welcome effect on fertility, liver and many other organs of the human body.It is proved that an excessive intake of steroids can be several times to increase the risk of tumor formation, what really makes the person a victim of these funds. entire risk of androgenic drugs is their uncontrolled use and the inability to properly carry out their use, which may lead to a breach of the hormonal balance of the body.

collection and analysis of information

before selecting the drug should be studied medical literature and magazines devoted to the subject.It is necessary to clearly define t
he level of effect you want to achieve the use of anabolic steroids.We must be clearly aware that to achieve the desired effect will have to refuse to accept these products in accordance with the instructions of the doctor.

necessary to undergo a full medical examination to identify any disease.Anabolic steroids have serious contraindications, many of which are based on the impossibility of writing down these funds to people with disorders of the cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys and digestive system.

Preliminary consultation

Consult a specialist and find out about the possible risks of the drug chosen acceptance.Ask about the availability of the safest alternatives.Find out under what conditions should be conducted taking medicine to help you achieve your desired effect.Thus, there are drugs that stimulate regenerative processes in the body.Another type of drugs can be directed to muscle growth. Steroids professional athletes is prohibited.If you find traces of the use of prohibited drugs participant may be disqualified and denied the opportunity to continue to participate in the competition.

Compliance with the instructions of the doctor

Do not exceed the prescribed dosage.After receiving a course of steroids should consult with your doctor about how best to complete the pills, because getting rid of anabolic steroids in the body should take place gradually to restore the hormonal balance back to normal.Only in the case of correct drug administration can achieve the desired effect without harm to health.Any deviation from the established regime of the medication may adversely affect the organs and lead to undesirable processes in the body.