¬ęTSikloferon" - antiviral and immunomodulatory drug, which due to the content akridonuksusnoy acid stimulates the production of interferons.Produced in the body due TSikloferon own proteins (IFNs) are responsible for the immune system, helps fight viruses (alpha-and p-interferons) and bacteria (gamma-interferon), since it does not conflict with the body.
TSikloferon comes in 3 forms: tablets covered with a special soluble shell dose - 150 mg;injection (intramuscular and intravenous), the volume of the ampoule - 2 ml;liniment (ointment) for external use.The effectiveness of treatment depends on correctly chosen form of treatment and compliance with all the recommendations prescribed by your doctor.It is important to go through the e
ntire course of the drug, even if symptoms disappear completely.
Tablets should be swallowed without chewing and always on an empty stomach (no later than half an hour before a meal), as contained in the tablets akridonuksusnaya acid must not react with gastric juice (this saves the shell) and quickly get into the small intestine.Interferon actively produced in organs rich in lymphoid tissue.It is to such bodies is the mucous membrane of the small intestine.For an effective action of interferon small intestine should be free from food.
Depending on the type of disease and degree of development of the doctor may prescribe a different dose of pills.The treatment will not bring the desired result if: violated the conditions of taking the pills;discontinued treatment prematurely;in the mucosa of the small intestine is damaged.
Injections "Cycloferon" prescribed in combination with other drugs, including antibiotics.By indications include serious diseases: chronic bronchitis and pneumonia (due to lower immunity), hepatitis, herpes infections, diseases of the brain and meninges (meningitis, encephalitis, etc.), Rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, AIDS, and others. In the case ofappearance by the patient's symptoms should immediately inform the doctor.Injections "Cycloferon" give a positive result with the right treatment and the implementation of all recommendations.
Pharmacies can buy 5% ointment "Cycloferon" for the treatment of skin diseases (herpes, rash) and diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and under.).It is sufficient to follow the instructions prescribed in the instructions for use.