Eye Drops "artificial tears" are the protector of the corneal epithelium.The product contains the active substance Valium and auxiliary components: boric acid, sodium chloride, sodium tetraborate, potassium chloride, macrogol 400, disodium edetate, histidine hydrochloride monohydrate, purified water.The product has a soothing and lubricating effect, it has a high viscosity of the solution increases the duration of the contact with the cornea.The index of refraction similar to its natural tear drops restore, stabilize and reproduce the optical characteristics of the tear film.Means prolongs the action of other eye drops and can protect the cornea from their irritant action.Improving the condition characterized by epithelialization, reduction of redness and lesions, occurs w
ithin three to five days, a significant improvement or complete recovery - after two to three weeks.
indications for use of the drug are: dry eye syndrome, keratoektomiya, lack of tearing, keratoplasty, condition after surgery on the eyelids, eye strain as a result of driving a car or prolonged activity on the computer, eliminating the irritation as a result ofOther ophthalmic drugs, eliminating irritation exposed to salt water, allergies, sun, cold, wind, dust, and smoke.Drops "artificial tears" can be used while wearing soft lenses.The drug is administered topically, one or two drops of the preparation was instilled in the lower conjunctival sac in four to eight times per day.Treatment should be continued for two to three weeks.The study eye once instilled one drop.Before instillation contact lens is removed, you can only use them in half an hour.
Eye Drops "artificial tears" is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, when a chemical burn the cornea and conjunctiva in the acute phase as well as in case of hypersensitivity to the components.The drug is not compatible with the eye drops which contain the metal salts.Due to the viscosity of the solution may cause a feeling of bonding age, you may be a temporary discomfort, allergic reactions.When "misting" of after treatment should refrain from dangerous activities that require high concentration and speed of reaction.