during pregnancy "Aktovegin" mainly prescribed for the prevention and treatment of placental insufficiency.Quite often, it is used to prevent pregnancy complications that may arise in women with diabetes.Also, your doctor may prescribe treatment "Actovegin," if a woman has previously been spontaneous abortions in order to avoid recurrent miscarriage.

This facility is considered to be relatively safe, but during pregnancy it should be used with caution.Your doctor should carefully monitor the condition of women, and to strictly control the treatment process.At the same time, the experience of "Actovegin" duri
ng pregnancy shows that he is able to effectively compensate for the lack of oxygen and nutrients, without causing any negative effects on fetal development.
Ā«Aktovegin" is available as a solution for intravenous administration in the form of tablets.Pills "Aktovegin" prescribed to pregnant women with recurrent pregnancy loss as a preventive measure when the pregnancy is at high risk of complications.Standard dosing regimen in this case - one tablet twice or three times per day.Take the drug should be 30 minutes before meals with a little water pills.Duration of the doctor is set individually, and is usually 2-3 weeks.Such a course of treatment the patient can take place at home.
Treatment with intravenous infusion is performed in a hospital.The recommended regimen consists of two stages: first, the patient is prescribed intravenous drip "Actovegin" and then taking the drug in tablets.Intravenous infusion is carried out through the day.For a procedure using 5 ml of the drug, which is diluted in 250 ml saline or glucose solution immediately prior to administration.Total patient takes 5 procedures, intravenous infusion, which is the first stage of treatment is 10 days.Then a woman doctor prescribes pills: one three times a day.The duration of this stage of treatment depends on the effectiveness of treatment and may be an average of 3 to 4 weeks.
Note: "Aktovegin" is not prescribed for severe heart disease and severe renal impairment.During the period of use of the drug may experience side effects such as a slight fever, feeling of heat and sweating.In rare cases, "Aktovegin" can cause an allergic reaction: hives and swelling.When these side effects contact your doctor immediately.At the first sign of intolerance to the drug treatment discontinued.