Ā«Aspirin" against conception

One popular use is to offer advice "Aspirin" as a contraceptive.It is recommended that ten minutes before sex to enter into the vagina one or two pills that supposedly reduces the probability of conception to zero.

Women believe that "Aspirin" creates an acidic environment in the vagina that kills sperm (or make them inactive, not far from the truth), thus avoiding pregnancy.It is believed that "Aspirin" in this case acts just as a contraceptive suppositories which decrease the activity of spermatozoa, which makes it impossible to fertilization.In some cases, "Aspirin" is replaced with citric acid in water, yogurt or lemon juice. variety douching are not any good, and some (eg, douching own urine) can help Named dangerous infections in the vagina.

Viewpoint medical

gynecologists consider such measures
of protection ineffective without giving a perfect result, and note that there are a huge number of patented, proven tools that provide much better protection.

However, they do not deny that "Aspirin" can be used as a contraceptive, but the effectiveness of this process is quite low.Such methods can easily cause serious injury because the high concentration of "aspirin" can cause very severe allergic reactions and irritation.

Keep in mind that after ejaculation administered pill "aspirin" in the vagina completely meaningless as applied douching solution of citric acid and water or water and "Aspirin".After intercourse sperm enter the cervix where the acid can not "reach".Such a procedure can only hurt your body. To protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy, it is necessary to use modern contraception, past clinical trials and proven effective.

It should be noted that most of the popular methods of contraception are even less effective.For example, there is a belief that after unprotected sex to get rid of the sperm should be a good jump.Experts report that tap out the sperm from the uterus is not possible as they move quickly.