Tip 1: How to use badyagu

concoctions - a sponge that lives in freshwater rivers.It can be seen on driftwood, rocks and various underwater objects.Sponge has absorbing effect, so it is widely used in cosmetology.To prepare the raw material powder was dried and pulverized, and then it is made into a mask for the face and hair.
you need
  • - powder concoctions;
  • - 3% of boric acid or hydrogen peroxide;
  • - 2% solution of salicylic acid;
  • - vegetable oil.
Thanks to resolving the action, fresh-water sponge is used to treat hematomas, infiltrates and stagnant spots.It is also known for its exfoliating properties.Ground powder sponge penetrates the top layer of skin, irritating it and expanding the capillaries and blood vessels located deep.It improves blood circulation and increases the protective properties of the skin.
powder concoctions (which can be purchased at the pharmacy), fill with boiling water and continue to heat for three minutes.On the glass of the liquid add two tablespoons of 3% hydrogen p
eroxide or a solution of boric acid and stir until the condition of slurry.Due to additional components, the effect will be more pronounced concoctions.
Degrease the skin using a cotton pad soaked in 2% solution of salicylic alcohol, and then apply a hot fresh-water sponge.
Vigorously rub bodyagi in the skin without touching the eye area.It is better to do it in a circular motion for three minutes.This time will be enough to mask the start of work on the upper layers of the epidermis.Soon you will feel some pain and a burning sensation, which will be held for one hour.
Leave the mask to dry, and then wash it off with warm water.Finally rinse with cool water.
first days after applying the mask the skin will be painful and reddened.After some time, these feelings will disappear and will exfoliate the stratum corneum.If the pain persists, you can make herbal lotions, which will remove the inflammation and numb the skin.
procedure should be carried out once every week for a month or two (depending on the original condition of the skin).Over time, the closed pores, pustules go away, and the skin becomes matte and supple.
the same mask can be applied to remove freckles.If dry skin is better to use a mixture with vegetable oil.
for the treatment of acne, apply the hot mixture on the face.Rinse after half an hour, then gently wipe and powder the face.Three weeks of treatment, two treatments per week will clean your skin and improve metabolism.

Tip 2: How to use badyagoy

spots, scars and inflammation on his face seriously detracts from the appearance.Using the foundation and expensive cosmetics does not always lead to the expected results.To get rid of the problems of the skin and restore a healthy face color and shine, use a natural remedy - badyagu.
How to use badyagoy

Badyaga: natural remedy for skin beauty

Badyaga is a simple, lives in ponds with fresh water.By the nature of the substance belongs to Coelenterata lips.Today badyagu dry (or bodyagi) is often used in cosmetic and medical purposes.

Badyaga is active on several fronts.The substance copes with bruises, bruises, seals, is an effective tool in the fight against shedding and so on. Moreover, the effect is noticeable after just a few treatments.

badyagi use in cosmetology began relatively recently.Advantageously, the product is used for cleaning and surface peeling.Badyaga helps get rid of pigmentation, scars, wrinkles, black spots.Use material can be in the form of a mask, scrub or gel / cream.

What is modern badyaga?

funds based Coelenterata sponge can be purchased at the pharmacy.However, it should be noted that badyaga is of several types.The most popular gel and powder.

Badyaga in gel form is different from the intensity of exposure.Means of white - the most sparing.They are available to help treat inflammation, but a complete renovation of the skin will occur.Gel green-brown color with an unpleasant odor - intensive cosmetic.It is perfect for getting rid of post-acne and blemishes.

Dry badyaga is a pure product.It should be used for high-quality peeling.Powdery substance most effectively and aggressively.Using it for cosmetic purposes will help transform the skin in a short time.

Proper use badyagi home

Many questions arise about the use of powdered badyagi cosmetic purposes.Experts recommend doing of it masks or scrubs.The basis is the best choice gel (especially - white).This will strengthen the impact and improve results.

For example, to make the skin smooth and silky, restore natural color and get rid of scars / stains, mix a little bit of gel and powder badyagi.Gently apply to the face, gently rubbing, avoiding mucous membranes and the area around the eyes.The most embarrassing moment - removal tools.Make it better soft sponge soaked in warm water.

Mask badyagi help get rid of unpleasant inflammation and prevent their recurrence.The recipe is very simple: gradually add in a tablespoon of powder 5% -s boric acid.In infusion all the time stir until a thick state.Then heat the mixture and prevent cool, apply to face with a swab or sponge.Maximum 20 minutes carefully remove the cloth.

precautions and contraindications

Some cosmetologists include masks and scrubs based badyagi dry chemical peels mind.This substance has earned fame because of some aggressive action.During the procedure, and after be ready to unpleasant tingling and flaking skin.The latter will take place in a couple of days, and the person will be clean and shining.

After peeling / mask is not recommended to go out.It should also be a pre-test for allergies, causing badyagu a small piece of skin.Note that a substance has contraindications.Use badyagoy impossible for people with delicate, sensitive and dry skin;in the presence of rosacea, ulcers / open wounds, and a tendency to increased hairiness (badyaga stimulates blood circulation, which can cause rapid hair growth at the site of use).