Use candles « Viferon » rectally.They can be used in the complex therapy of various infectious and inflammatory diseases in newborns, even preterm.To do this, you must enter candles newborn - 150,000 IU daily or 2 times a day for 1 suppository every 12 hours.This treatment should last for 5 days.Newborn preterm infants aged less than 34 weeks (meaning gestantsionny age) shall be appointed by 150,000 IU for daily use 1 suppository 3 times per day, every eight hours.The treatment must take place in 5 days.
Remember the recommended number of treatment courses in different infectious and inflammatory diseases in children: flu, SARS, and similar diseases, complicated by a bacterial infection, meningitis, pneumonia (viral, bacterial, chlamydial), enterovirus infection- one or two course
s;sepsis, CMV infection, mycoplasmosis, candidiasis - two or three courses, herpes infection - two courses.The break between each course of treatment should be 5 days.
can be used candles « Viferon » Integrated viral therapy of chronic hepatitis B, C and D in adults and children.Children with viral hepatitis the drug administered in dosages specific age: up to six months - from 300,000 to 500,000 IU per day;from six months to a year at 500,000 IU per day.Further, the age of the year up to seven years - 3000000 IU per day, and children over seven years of 5000000 IU per day.The calculation of the drug dose for each individual patient by multiplying the recommended dose for a given age on body surface area value, which is calculated by a special nomogram.Then, the resulting value is divided by two and rounded up to the introduction of the appropriate dose suppository.« Viferon » apply a day for two times in every 12 hours, the first ten days daily, then three times a week, one day for 6-12 months.