you need
  • - propolis;
  • - alcohol 96%;
  • - glycerol;
  • - butter;
  • - St. John's wort;
  • - cod liver oil;
  • - cocoa butter.
To prepare the alcoholic solution of propolis, take 10 grams of propolis, freeze it in the freezer, then it will be easy to crumble, rub it on a grater.Then fill propolisnoe crumbs 100 ml of 90% rubbing alcohol and leave to infuse for 10 days at room temperature.For the treatment of stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal disease dilute with 10 drops of infusion in 50 ml of water.Take 3 times a day on an empty stomach for 3 weeks.
to treat throat tonsill
itis and pharyngitis at propolisnoe prepare an emulsion.Take 1 part of 10% propolis extract and mix with 2 parts of glycerol.Lubricate the throat 5 times a day.The course of treatment days 4-7.
to prepare propolisnoe wound healing oil.Put in a pan 100 grams of butter and 15 grams of finely chopped propolis.Melt the mixture, stirring constantly, over low heat and filter the through cheesecloth.Lubricate difficult healing wounds 4-5 times a day until they complete epithelialization.
for treating burns, infected wounds, bedsores, prepare mammal-propolisnoe oil follows.Take freshly cut flowers St. John's wort, put in a jar, filling out a tenth of the volume of the banks and fill with unrefined sunflower oil.Bank to put in the sun for two weeks, stir regularly.Then filter and mix with 10% propolis extract in a ratio of 2: 1.Lubricate the damaged surface is 5-7 times per day.
for treatment of cervical erosion, prepare the following means.Melt in a pan over low heat 10 grams of crushed propolis in 200 ml of fish oil.Then filter the hot through cheesecloth.Use of wetting tampons introduced into the vagina, pretreated with 2% sodium bicarbonate solution.
for the treatment of BPH prepare propolisnoe candles.Melt in a water bath cocoa butter (purchased at the pharmacy as a basis), and crushed propolis.Filter the resulting oil through cheesecloth and pour into formochkam.On one candle is necessary to take 2 grams of cocoa butter and 0.2 grams of propolis.Tins with the composition in the fridge to cool.Enter candles in a straight run on one thing for 2 weeks at night.
may also be prepared aqueous extract of propolis is an effective remedy for stomach ulcers, dysbiosis, and cholecystitis.Take 10 grams of crushed propolis, fill it with 100 ml of cold water and put on 20 minutes in a water bath.The wax melted and rasplyvetsya film on the surface of the resulting composition.Cool the composition, the wax will harden on the surface.Carefully drain the water of the composition and refrigerate.It can be stored for 10 days.Take 20 drops dissolved in 50 ml of water three times a day before meals.The aqueous extract of propolis is no less effective than alcohol.