couple of centuries ago at the grand balls fashionista fascinated gentlemen sparkling, unusually expressive eyes.Their pupils were wide open.The ladies used for cosmetic purposes "Atropine", burying him in the eye.
In Soviet times, "Atropine" is widely used in ophthalmology.But today, of him is almost abandoned.The "Atropine" - a lot of disadvantages.The main action of the drug is very long, the pupils are not narrowed from three to ten days, during which time the person sees dimly.Besides, "Atropine" - a lot of co
ntraindications, so to use it yourself simply unacceptable.
Today, there is a series of drugs that do not have these disadvantages, and - most importantly - less toxic.It extends the pupils on a fairly short time, and reduces the intraocular pressure "Irifrin."Therefore, these droplets and serve to diagnose and to treat ophthalmic diseases.
But the "Irifrin" there are downsides.These droplets can not treat older people with serious abnormalities of the brain vessels, heart.They can cause a rise in pressure, arrhythmia.Children under 12 years of preparation is also not buried.
very important information: All-mydriatics drops are contraindicated in most forms of glaucoma!Therefore, until the use of these drugs should be required to measure the intraocular pressure.
well tolerated "Midriatsil" ("Midrum", "Topikamid").Pupils maximizes 15-20 minutes.A taper of about three hours.It is very convenient, since the visual acuity and the total capacity of man recovered pretty quickly.Buried drug for adults and children.
However, "Midriatsil" should be used cautiously, if increased intraocular pressure, or has inflammation in the eye unit.It is undesirable to use it in deep enough anterior chamber of the eye.
operate similarly and drops "Tsiklomed."Do not confuse them with drops "Tsipromed" - is antibiotics, which treat eye infections!The drug "Tsiklomed" expands the pupils for a longer time, from 6 to 12 hours or even longer.
Have "Tsiklomeda" and restrictions.It must be careful to assign the treatment of the elderly and children up to three years.Permitted purpose "Tsiklomeda" pregnant and lactating women.If you have BPH, intestinal obstruction from it should be abandoned.
Ā«Mezaton" - also "long-playing" drop.Instruction is forbidden to use them in hypertension, atherosclerosis, pancreatitis, hepatitis, pregnancy and lactation.
Ā«Appamid plus" - one of the most high-performance products.Pupils dilate just five minutes after instillation and in a condition of one to two hours - depending on the concentration of the solution.A taper in five to six hours.
But "Appamida plus" contra too much.In addition to glaucoma, it is diabetes, and angina, arrhythmia, severe hypertension, and hyperthyroidism, and pregnancy and breastfeeding.Children generally should not be prescribed these drops.