healthy cardiovascular system - is the key to good health.Reduces the effect on the blood vessels has bad ecology, stress, bad habits, chronic lack of sleep.Taking vitamins for vascular physicians recommend starting in middle age, and the sooner a man or woman will choose the drug, the better.
main sign of sufficient efficiency of the cardiovascular system is the flexibility, purity of blood vessels.In order to maintain them in this state, a person must consume vitamin complexes, containing blood vessels needed for vitamins and minerals.Of the trace elements necessary for the ve
ssel to be noted copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acid.Choose a composition is quite simple, you can make a choice in favor of how expensive complexes and affordable options.
So, smoothness and elasticity of the blood vessels responsible vitamin P. This substance is called routine.Vitamin P prevents fragility and permeability of the inner walls.Of course, you can draw such a component and out of the food, such as citrus, rose, black currant and other berries.
obligatory component for the vessels is vitamin B5.It pantothenic acid deficiency is muscle spasms occur.To strengthen the walls of blood vessels is important and vitamin C. It supports the level of iron in the blood up to the mark as a whole helps to improve immunity.It helps strengthen blood vessels vitamin B, it saves them up to the level tone, relieves muscle weakness.It protects the walls of blood vessels from atherosclerosis vitamin A.
From popular drugs that are taken to strengthen the blood vessels, can be called "Ascorutin."Drink it should be a course of one month.Its main components are vitamin E and C.
Add first aid kit can be "troxerutin".This feature reduces the brittleness of vessels, anti-inflammatory action.Tone the walls of blood vessels and help "Aescusan."
choose vitamins for the heart and blood vessels is desirable, after consultation with a specialist.Be sure to read the instructions of the drug, possibly in addition to vitamin complex to cleanse the blood vessels, and will need to competently composed diet.Remember about a balanced diet, because many vitamins you can get it from food.