Muscle aches occur due to a variety of factors.They contribute to the occurrence of exercise, lack of exercise, and acute respiratory infections, intoxication, diseases of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, as well as diseases of the connective tissue and joints.The drug is to eliminate muscle pain should be selected strictly in accordance with their cause.If the patient is not sure exactly to the source of pain, it is advisable to consult a doctor for diagnosis and prescribing the most effective medicines.
If the pain caused by muscle tension and excessive physical activity, recommended rest and gentle self-massage.After facilitate easy daily status of useful exercises that can help restore motor activity.When bruises or sprains can be applied to the painful place the ice.Strong
ly recommended to treat muscle pain warming up ointments and creams in conjunction with a pressure bandage and local sources of heat.Simultaneous use of a pressure bandage and warming lotions may cause burns.
to treat muscle pain commonly used NSAIDs topical: gels and ointments with analgesic effect.Most of these analgesics can be bought without a prescription.These include "Fastum gel," "Voltaren", "Finalgel" "Ortofen" "indomethacin" and others.
The pain in the muscles help and oral analgesics in pill "Nimesil", "Nise", "Efferalgan", "Upsarin Uppsala", "Nurofen", "OCI", "Ketanov."These drugs are different active substances have different contraindications and side effects, so it is recommended to take pain medication after consulting with your doctor.
be especially careful to select a drug for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain in children.Most often, children are suffering from pain in the muscles due to physical stress, bruises, sprains, or intoxication during flu or SARS.In the treatment of children must always consult a pediatrician and avoid warming ointments and plasters with an irritating effect.