At high temperatures, the women in the position of contraindicated drugs such as & gt ;, & gt;and more complex preparations, for example, & gt ;, & gt ;, & gt ;.They contain flavorings and preservatives, which may cause allergies in a child.Furthermore, such drugs often are composed of aspirin, caffeine, pheniramine maleate.Generally, at temperatures below 38 degrees, should not be taken antipyretics, sincefever is a defensive reaction of the body against various viruses and infections.
If the body temperature is above 38, you can take a & gt ;, & gt ;, & gt ;, they have antipyretic and analgesic effect.Their reception is permitted at any stage of pregnancy, a short course of up to 3 d
ays.Subject to acceptable standards taking the medicine, no harmful effect on the child is not revealed.For a maximum reception can take two tablets a day, such methods should not be greater than three.
Runny nose - unpleasant companion of colds, but to facilitate his fortune using vasoconstrictor nasal drops pregnant is also not worth it.These include & gt ;, & gt ;, & gt ;, & gt;and others.All due to the fact that, during pregnancy they are much faster addictive, which often leads to overdosing.At high doses, these drops adversely affect the baby's heart, which can cause cardiac abnormalities in a child in the future.The best effect in the treatment of rhinitis nasal lavage gives salt water in the proportion of half a teaspoon of salt per 200 ml of warm water.Procedures should be carried out at least 4 times a day.If badly clogged nose, and washing is not possible, a good result will give the use of sprays with a strong solution of salt such as & gt; or & gt ;.
When the cough is better to consult a doctor becauseit can be caused by many reasons.In the first place for the prevention and at the first sign of a cough must be observed mode: try not to breathe the cold air, do not eat cold foods and beverages, not to walk barefoot, do not strain the vocal cords and more drink warm liquids.In most cases, this is enough to ease their condition, in the absence of temperature, you can use mustard or pepper patch at night.Also effective steam inhalation with tea tree oil or eucalyptus.
If no drugs can not do, then we can apply the syrup & gt ;, & gt;and & gt;(& gt;).The first one does not contain dyes and harmful impurities, approved for the treatment during pregnancy and lactation, but its long-term use is still not recommended.& gt;It can be applied after 12 weeks of pregnancy.& gt;contributes to liquefaction of sputum, its use is permitted at any stage during the reception recommended to drink plenty of fluids.
Sore throat can also cause viral infection and bacteria.This can be a sore throat, sore throat, tonsillitis, in any case, for an accurate diagnosis should consult a doctor.Many drugs are banned women in position.These include all sprays, which include alcohol - is, for example, & gt;or & gt ;.You also can not be used for gargling or calendula tincture of propolis.
& gt;- This safe drug is not absorbed into the blood, good deals with pharyngitis and tonsillitis.It is used as a solution for rinsing without dilution.& gt;a clear solution for the rinsing is not absorbed into the blood and penetrates through the placenta.It is used in pharyngitis and tonsillitis.Also it does not require dilution.In severe angina can lubricate the tonsils solution & gt ;, it includes iodine, potassium iodide, and glycerin, which are not allowed to use during pregnancy.
Lollipops from the sore throat is prohibited for pregnant women.Exceptions are only two drugs, based on the enzyme lysozyme, such as & gt;and & gt ;, can cure even severe angina.They can be used for a maximum of two pieces of 4 times per day.