Buy pills from cough .It is expensive, time-tested, antitussive, the composition contains codeine, licorice root and other active components.Pills cough are analogues of known drugs "Codelac" but the cost favorably of him.
Take pills from cough , if you are concerned about the painful dry or wet, but very frequent cough.Codeine, which is part of the preparation works on the cough center in the brain, thereby suppressing the cough reflex.
Drink one tablet medication no more than three times a day.If the cough brings only anxiety at night, it will be enough once the medication at bedtime.Young children do not recommend taking this drug because of the uncomfortable issue for them to form.I
f you do decide to give baby pills from cough , you should consult with your pediatrician and treat under his supervision.
not take pills from cough longer half weeks.The drug can be addictive, so if the treatment does not work, it is necessary to consult a specialist.You may need a different treatment strategy and other medicines.
Discover contraindications to the medications.If you have asthma or respiratory failure, the drug can harm.Admission pills cough also not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.Codeine, which is one of the main components, cross the placenta and breast milk.
monitor the reaction of the organism to the drug.In rare cases, patients worried about nausea caused individual intolerance to the drug.Also sometimes pills from cough cause an allergic reaction, that manifests itself pruritus and urticaria.