In 1988, the World Health Organization introduced a scheme recommended the appointment painkillers to patients with cancer.Initially, patients prescribed narcotic analgesics with the reinforcing effects of anesthesia drugs (adjuvants).If pain persists in a patient, the second phase may be adding to the existing weak opioid analgesic therapy tools.With further increase in pain may be assigned a strong opioids, called opioid and are composed of morphine.At the same time receiving non-narcotic analgesics with adjuvants continues.This approach is effective in 90% of cases.
In the classical treatment of pain
appointed such painkillers and anti-inflammatories such as "Paracetamol", "Aspirin", "Ibuprofen", "naproxen", "Indomethacin" "Diclofenac", "Meloxicam""piroxicam" "Lornoxicam" etc.These tools are effective in eliminating mild to moderate pain.The disadvantage of using these agents is the possibility of complications in the gastrointestinal tract.
to reduce the number and intensity of side effects, as well as gain exposure to analgesics prescribers adjuvants (antidepressants, anti-inflammatories, glucocorticoid medication, etc.).Among them are "Omeprazole" "Misoprostol", "Clonidine", "Dexamethasone" etc.
order to eliminate more serious pain appointed opioids such as "Codeine", "Tramadol", "Hydrocodone", "oxycodone".Most often, these drugs are used together with "aspirin".When you save the pain after the second stage of the doctor may prescribe narcotic analgesics, which can suppress the intense pain and significantly improve the quality of life of the patient.Among these drugs mark "Morphine", "Buprenorphine" "Fentanyl".These agents have effects on the central nervous system by inhibiting the activity of the pain center and reducing the transmission of the pain impulse.
«Morphine sulfate" is effective in suppressing severe pain.The duration of its action may be 12 hours.Initially the agent administered in a dosage of 30 mg two times a day.If necessary, the dose is increased to 60 mg."Buprenorphine" has fewer side-effects of morphine, but the duration of analgesia with its use is only 6-8 hours."Fentanyl" is used to the need for rapid pain relief combined with other agents.However, the effect of the drug is short, and after the introduction of "Fentanyl" may require the use of other alternatives.