Castor oil is used as a laxative for constipation, as well as for bowel cleansing for weight loss.Once in the body, castor oil causes irritation of receptors intestinal operedelennyh that increases peristalsis and provides a cleansing effect.

How to drink castor oil

procedure for applying castor oil for constipation and weight loss is a little different.When constipation adults take 15-30 g of butter (1-2 tbsp. Spoons), children, depending on weight and age, should be given 5-15 g (1-3 tsp.) Of castor oil.Oil taken on an empty stomach.Note that the laxative effect comes in 5-6 hours, because at this time better to be home.Take castor oil for constipation can be no more than 3 consecutive days.

When used castor oil for weight loss requires more funds.The oil was taken at the rate of 1 g per 1 kg body weight.The required a
mount of castor oil should be warmed in a water bath.You should also prepare juice, which will need to drink castor oil.It is recommended to use fresh lemon juice or grapefruit.The amount of juice should be 2 times the volume of oil.Drink on an empty stomach means better evening.Warm oil should be prepared to drink fresh juice.The laxative effect due to the large amount of oil occurs, usually 2 hours after receiving means.Take castor oil for weight loss can be no more than 1 time per week.

accept food after the use of castor oil should not be for a few hours.If possible, try not to eat until the next morning.In the case of feeling hungry or sick to drink citrus juice or eat some raisins.For bowel cleansing procedure is not passed in vain, since it should eat a light meal.The first reception is best to eat low-fat yogurt or kefir.


If you use this tool can come atonia and intestinal dysbiosis, constipation.Castor oil should not drink acute pain in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as poisoning liposoluble substances, particularly benzene and phosphorus.Do not combine castor oil with an extract of male fern.During pregnancy, drink castor oil should not be due to the fact that the tool can provoke a reflex contraction of muscles of the uterus.It is also not recommended to take this tool often as it causes dehydration.