use of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is used in industry, medicine and everyday life.Due to their oxidative properties, it is used as a bleach in the textile and paper industry, and as fuel for the missiles.

Equally important is the substance in medicine.The main purpose of the peroxide is reduced to superficial treatment of wounds, because the ability to draw on the surface of the dirt and germs that cause various infections.

consequences of the use of hydrogen peroxide

preparation of hydrogen peroxide is corrosive and is alkaline, so it must be stored out of the reach of children.It is unacceptable that the child somehow drank this stuff or it hit him on the mucous eye.If this happens, you should immediately seek professional medical help.

Getting in the human body, even in miniscule amounts of hydrog
en peroxide can cause severe burns of the esophagus, gastrointestinal tract, mucous membranes or liver.With a few droplets of liquid began to laryngeal edema, which leads to choking.

If a person drank the dangerous liquid damage internal organs leads to severe internal bleeding, severe pain in the throat and stomach, the appearance of nausea and vomiting.In addition, the hydrogen peroxide solution contains lead salts which lead to the whole organism toxicity, they are not removed from the body and remain there permanently, as a permanent and dangerous seat intoxication.

impossible to carry out the hydrogen peroxide mouthwash, as it contributes to chemical burn, causing injury to the larynx, destroys mucous membranes and traumatizes the bowel.

also not allowed different instillation of hydrogen peroxide in the ears or nose.This action immediately affects the mucous membranes of ear and sinus infections.Washing and instillation of the eye and is strictly prohibited.While there is chemical damage the lens and the eye mucosa, which may occur as a result of partial vision loss or blindness.

should never experiment on themselves, to understand what will happen if you drink hydrogen peroxide.Because the drug has its purpose, and its use must be in accordance with the instructions in any case not exceeding the required dosages and paying a lot of attention, for indoor or outdoor use of the drug is intended.