If you have cervical erosion, a good way to treat it is a candle.If you have not given birth, you moxibustion erosion contraindicated, since it leaves scars on the uterus.The apparent advantage of candles is their soft base, through which the active ingredient slowly and evenly distributed throughout the vaginal mucosa.The drug contained in the candlelight, reaches the source of inflammation, but does not suppress the vital activity of lactic acid bacteria.Furthermore, suppositories are much easier to use than tablets which need to be soaked with water and with difficulty pushing the
vagina, damaging mucous.
If you are looking for an effective drug against erosion, which has a lot of positive reviews, you will approach "Hexicon."These candles have an anti-inflammatory effect and help fight disease."Hexicon" normalizes vaginal flora and has virtually no contraindications.Often he was appointed even pregnant and lactating women.
¬ęDepantol" - a candle, having regenerating, antiseptic and metabolic (improves metabolic processes in the cells of the epithelium) action.They also have virtually no contraindications but are hypersensitive to certain substances in the preparation.If, after using "Depantola" you feel itching or burning sensation in the vagina, most likely, it does not suit you.Also worth noting that during the treatment of these candles, you can not use soap and cosmetics.
If you choose quality modern drug that can overcome the erosion, you might like candles "Galenofillipt."They have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial effect on the female body.The composition has a eucalyptus oil.
Quite often, gynecologists prescribe their patients candles "PHYTORIA."They have antibacterial, analgesic and immunomodulatory properties, and normalize blood circulation and blood formation.These candles reduce inflammation and treat cervical erosion.
an excellent tool for the treatment of erosion and sea-buckthorn are candles.Sea buckthorn helps to restore the microflora, disinfects and covers epithelium erosion pockets.These candles can be bought at a pharmacy or make your own.Positive results from their use physician may notice after 5-6 days.
Pharmacies presents a wide variety of spark erosion of the cervix.But not every drug may be appropriate for you.Some candles are not expected to have any positive impact, so it is important to consult with your doctor.Only he can assign you a safe and effective drug.