Ointment for diaper rash

from diaper rash ointment on the skin creates a water-repellent barrier that protects the epidermis from moisture: sweat - obese people, urine and feces - in children.Apply cream after every diaper change, after cleaning the skin with water or baby wipes.In adults, use an ointment only after all hygiene procedures.

Ointment for the treatment of diaper rash and skin protection contains herbal extracts: succession, chamomile, calendula.All of them are beneficial to the process of regeneration of the s
kin, soothes irritated epidermis and eliminate symptoms - itching and burning.

to the barrier means of diaper rash include: "Drapolen", "D-panthenol," "Bepanten", "Desitin".Ointment with zinc oxide - is quite effective repellent agent used for the treatment of skin covered by diaper rash.

to combat diaper rash ointment is used in adults "Clotrimazole", which treats any inflammation of the skin - dermatitis.Clotrimazole - an effective tool that can quickly relieve inflammation, to stop further development of diaper rash and prevent penetration of the infection into the deeper layers of the skin.

Application of diaper rash ointment

When buying ointment is necessary to study its composition.It is best to choose a vehicle with a minimum of preservatives and fragrances.If ointment is used to treat a child, it should be as safe as possible and allow the skin to "breathe".

right at the counter check the availability of the ingredients in the composition of the ointment, for which the patient may develop an allergic reaction.Ideal - the selection of diaper rash ointment after consulting a doctor.

only constant use of funds from chafing allows to achieve a lasting effect.It is forbidden to combine the application of the ointment with powder as the last dried skin, which can lead to new diaper rash.Air and herbal baths improve the condition of damaged skin, so they should hold as much as possible.

Buying ointment for diaper rash, you should check its expiration date and the storage rules.Typically, such cosmetics store in a cool and dark place, tightly closed.

Ointment and diaper rash cream - not a solution to this problem.The danger of this disease lies in the fact that diaper rash can develop into a more serious disease of the skin or cause focal lesions.Therefore, treatment of the disease is best left to professionals.