beneficial effect of the property of copper sulfate in ancient times, doctors have noticed that it began to be used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases.Copper sulfate is a part of the various blends that use inside and ointments for external application.Also, copper sulfate can be added to water for baths reception.


Bluestone good cure fungus that affects the feet and nails.Suffice it to mix in equal proportions goose fat and dead burned bluestone (it will not be the familiar blue and gray-yellow).Ingredients pour a liter of water.Bring to a boil and the resulting ointment treating the affected skin before bedtime.
Since ancient times, copper sulfate treat deafness.

Treatment tonsils

purulent inflammation of the tonsils, too, can be treated with copper sulfate.So, after their remo
val is necessary to rinse your mouth with a solution of vinegar at the rate of 1 tablespoon of acetic acid in 1 cup of warm boiled water.After rinsing the wound should make bluestone, which contributes to its rapid healing.

Modern based vitriol

In modern medicine bluestone helps to cure a variety of injuries, fractures, arthritis, epilepsy and sciatica.This structure helps to fight with various benign and malignant tumors.But here it is to be very careful and apply copper sulfate only on doctor's advice.

To prepare a special composition, which will help get rid of the tumor, taking a small amount of copper sulfate and pour 500 ml of warm boiled water.The solution should insist night, after which it is used inside the morning on an empty stomach 50 grams.

can also cook and concentrated formulation.For this purpose, a small amount of copper sulfate only take 150 ml of warm boiled water instead of the previously announced 500 ml.Such concentrate after infusion daily taken orally on an empty stomach before breakfast and dinner.

This ointment is also able to get rid of various tumors, including the cysts, fibroids and fungi.

ointment on the basis of copper sulphate promotes rapid healing of various cuts, fractures, wounds and bruises.To prepare taken in equal proportions with 50 grams of copper sulfate, and olive oil.The composition was mixed well and heated.Against cysts and fibroids solution is used for irrigation.The composition of the solution consists in equal parts of bluestone and burnt alum, Take 1 tablespoon.All this is filled with 1 liter of water and boiled for 5 minutes.