especially effective drug in the treatment of primary genital herpes.In this case, acyclovir better to use topically.After the first signs - itching, burning, redness on the light area of ​​the skin, apply ointment.Lubricate the affected area of ​​skin should be every 4 hours 5 times a day.The duration of treatment - 5-10 days.
Tablets adults appoint 1 piece 5 times a day, it can be taken during the meal and after.The drug need to drink plenty of water.For treatment to be effective, drug levels in the blood should be stable, so try not to miss his reception, and not to shift his watch.Do not change without consulting a doctor and medication dosage.
Kids acyclovir can be used with 2 years.Dosage for them - twice less than adults.The course of treatment lasts for 5 days of the child.
the treatment of herpes zoster dosage increases.Should be taken 2-4 tablets after 4 hours 5 times daily.The course of treatment - 5 days, but after the cutaneous symptoms disappear, continue to take a further three days.
When pregnancy Acyclovir is used only on prescription, since the effect of the drug on the fetus are not fully known.Immunosuppression women because of increased stress on the body during pregnancy can cause the appearance of herpes, which can lead to miscarriage and pathology of the child.Standard dose - 200 mg 5 times per day, but it can vary greatly depending on the condition of the woman and the side effects of the drug.