Among the most popular drugs that can help reduce and normalize blood pressure, "aspirin", "Losap", "Losap +", "Nifidipin", "Captopril", "Enalapril"" Enziks "," Enap "," Indapamide "... However, the list goes on for a long time.
Generally all drugs for hypertension are several groups.Among them - diauretiki, beta-blockers, vasodilators.Thiazide diuretics - diuretics that due to the withdrawal of urine quickly depressurized.Among these tools is not the last place is occupied by "Indapamide" and a group of similar a
ction on drugs."Indapamide" reduces blood pressure, but does not change the level of cholesterol, sugar and insulin in blood plasma, has vasodilating properties.Analogues of drugs are indapamide "Arifon Retard" - the original indapamide producing in France, "Indus" production Czech Republic (Prague) and Russian "Akripamid."
beta blockers to soothe the heart, thereby reducing and blood pressure.Products in this group include "Inderal" (propranolol), "Atenolol" "Bisaprolol", "succinate", "metoprolol (vazokardin)", "nadolol" "Levatol" "Carvedilol" "Nebivolol" and others.
Vasodilators reduce the heart rate, which is particularly important at a tachycardia, and contributes to the expansion of the arteries.This group includes "Verapamil", which is still known as "Isoptin", "Diltiazem" or "Card".
rapid blood pressure lowering effect is achieved while taking angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs).They compared with other antihypertensives and contraindications much less good results of treatment of hypertension even when the single dose per day.Boron is also called sartans, among which the most famous "Losartan", "Candesartan", "Telmisartan", "Eprosartan."Active in the treatment of hypertension are used calcium channel blockers (CCBs), among which the most famous "Nifidipin" "Kardizem" "Norvaks" "Diltiazem" "Amlodipine" and others.
quickly reduce the pressure and prevent the development of complications of hypertension on the background of the kidneys and heart medications AIPF group (ACE inhibitors).Among them, the most frequently used "Capoten", "Captopril", "Nifedipine", "Lisinopril" "Enalapril" "Enap" and others.But the disadvantage of these drugs is that they act immediately, as they have a cumulative effect.That is, they should be used only in the treatment.
Given such a variety of antihypertensive drugs, it is worth recalling that in no case be self-medicate.If you have high blood pressure, always consult your doctor, who will conduct the necessary research, analysis, find out the cause of hypertension, and only then prescribe suitable treatment regimen will select the individual drugs.