you need
  • - Ā«akvamaris";
  • - analogues "akvamaris."
Ā«akvamaris" - a very famous drug used to combat colds.Now pharmacies can be found not only all the usual nasal spray "akvamaris", but also the composition for oral irrigation to remove and prevent the formation of sulfur plugs, and even the device by means of which the solution can be washed at the same time the nasal passages and throat.As already seen, the choice of a very large.but the principle is the same: any preparation from the series "akvamaris" is a product based on sea water, which is very gently, but firmly to remove the cause of inflammation of the mucous.
But even with such a large choice of consumers are looking for analogues "akvamaris."The reason for this is often the high price of the drug.If this is all in the price, the thrift
y buyers should pay attention to the very affordable "Aqua Rinosol."Price pleasantly surprised, because the cost of the drug does not exceed 50 rubles.For such money Russian manufacturer offers a spray, which is based on 0.9% sodium chloride solution."Aqua-Rinosol" is used in inflammation of the nasal mucosa.
course, affordability attracts many.Yet it is worth remembering that not always cheap analogues can be just as effective.Therefore, if you choose replacement "akvamaris" that it is guided by the parameter of quality of care.Outstanding among consumers and professionals-proven spray "Morenazal."It also includes a seawater which shows children and adult patients in the period of occurrence of colds."Morenazal" great for relieving symptoms in acute infections, but also as a preventive measure.After sea Vodicka does not allow microbes to accumulate and create a dangerous concentration in the nasal mucosa so defenseless.The big plus for choosing it "Morenazala" is its more affordable price when compared to the "akvamaris."
Generally, sprays for nose and throat through the sea some water in pharmacies, you can meet a lot.An example is the French Spray "Physiomer", which is suitable even for infants kids.And if none of the analogues "akvamaris" not credible, then we can do a simple nasal lavage with saline.It is available to all, is sold in every pharmacy and is absolutely safe even for the youngest patients.