Wound process consists of three successive stages: the development of inflammatory changes in the wound, regeneration and scarring.Each step should be treated with drugs designed specifically for her.

anti-inflammatory wound-healing ointment

For the treatment of the first stage of wound healing ointments with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.The most common and effective among them are "Levomekol", "Betadine", "Nitatsid", "Levosin."Miramistinovaya ointment has a strong bacteriostatic and detrimental effect on viruses and fungi.
It is used to treat nonhealing wounds.Ointment "Streptolaven 'ability to lyse cells and dead tissue, so it is used to combat trophic ulcers and wounds after burns.Ointments with anesthetic action is also needed for the treatment of wounds, as one of the symptoms of inflammation is pain.Among them are "Metiluratsil" and "Trimekain".
contraindicated apply creams and ointments for the treatment of purulent wounds in the first and second day, as these drugs are an obstacle to self-purification and separation of the wound inflammatory exudate.

Ointments, accelerates regeneration and scarring

second stage of wound healing is characterized by the recovery of damaged tissue and a decrease in exudative processes.For ointments, accelerating tissue regeneration include: "Bepanten", "Solkoseril", "Aktovegin", "D-panthenol.""Solkoseril" and "Aktovegin" contain gemoderivat - natural biological component that promotes rapid healing of wounds by stimulating collagen synthesis and cell growth.In the ointment "D-panthenol" and "Bepanten" is the active substance dexpanthenol, normalize cellular metabolism, increases the elasticity of the collagen fibers and restores the integrity of the skin.Ointment "Astroderm" contains natural vitamins, extracts and efficiently heals wounds of various types: cuts, bruises, burns.Its action is aimed at accelerating the process of cell regeneration and active restoration of the integrity of the skin.

skin - protective barrier that prevents penetrate pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.Various injuries violate its integrity, thereby increasing the risk of multiple infections of the body.Wound healing ointment is recommended to use even with small scrapes and scratches as open wounds - atrium.