you need
  • - preparation of calcium;
  • - water.
Calcium - is a very important trace element for humans, ingested it should be lifelong.Babies calcium intake is essential for the full formation of the skeleton, teeth.It was the shortage of calcium absorption may be such a terrible disease, such as rickets.Regulation of heart rhythm, participation in blood clotting, transmission of nerve impulses - all these processes can not do without the participation of calcium.The daily dose - 800 mg of calcium is for the growing organism, it can be doubled.
order not to get lost in a huge range of pharmacy, is a pre-contact the person who prescribed the correct medication and highly digestible calci
um.It is proved that poorly absorbed gluconate and calcium lactate.It should choose citrate, calcium and carbonates.It is from these forms the mineral is better absorbed, and side effects are minimized.
Doctors have long understood that calcium must be taken in combination with vitamin D, so you should choose a combination of drugs.These include the well-known "Calcium-D3 Nycomed," it comes in the form of chewable tablets with different flavors.The active ingredient of the drug is calcium carbonate, which is perfectly assimilated by the action kolekaltsiferola, also a member of the drug.Every day, just enough to take 2 tablets of the drug.
Well-proven combination drug "Calcemin Advanced", which in addition to calcium and vitamin D also contains magnesium, zinc, manganese and copper.All this complex prevents the emergence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.After consulting with the doctor, receiving "Calcemin Advanced" is possible also to pregnant and lactating.It is this product contains calcium citrate.Also it can be purchased in a drugstore "Vitrum Osteomag", which has an identical composition.
for children is better to choose specialized drugs, the composition of which meets the needs of the young organism."Multi-tabs Calcium Kid +" contains extra vitamin A, E, C, K, folic acid, vitamin C. This composition is able to compensate for the deficiency of many substances that are so necessary for growing organism.
As can be seen from a variety of calcium supplementation should give preference to it combined.You should not chase the low price, it is better to carefully read the composition and choose the best option.