Independently replace some contraceptive pills others can not, even in the case of side effects.Consult your doctor and discuss with him the reasons and methods for switching to another contraceptive.
In no case do not stop taking the tablets without finishing his course to the end.This can lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and live the opening of uterine bleeding.Dopeyte hormonal pills until the end of the package and then go to another drug or completely cancel the reception.The only exception is pregnancy.If you diagnose this fact immediately stop taking contraceptives.
If you want to become pregnant and have taken
pills for protection, you can opt out of receiving them at any time, even without completing the package.But in this case, most likely, there will be spotting that will remind menstruation.Only they will be less abundant and longer.Typically, such separation does not last more than 2 weeks.
to change the contraceptive pill consisting of 21 pieces per pack, have a tablet and wait for the last 7 days, then start accepting new drugs.If the package 28 of tablets, wait 7 days is not needed.Drink the last and the next day start receiving the new contraceptive.Under the same scheme, you can go to the contraceptive pill to other forms of contraception.
If you properly make the transition from one to the other contraceptives, the risk of an unwanted pregnancy will be minimal.
There are cases where a change of hormone pills accompanied by side effects: vaginal spotting, nausea, headaches.Typically, these ailments are fast and do not require discontinuation of contraceptives.