Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat can occur in acute or chronic form.Strep usually develops under the influence of other diseases - viral or bacterial.The chronic form may occur due to acute illness undertreated.Or not to use antibiotics to treat sore throat, the doctor should decide.He is obliged to pick up the drug, to determine the appropriate dose and duration of treatment.The drug is appointed after the results are received all the necessary tests to confirm the diagnosis.
In acute pharyngitis Recommend frequent gargling and abundant warm drink.Rinses may be: alkaline solution, "furatsilina" decoction of sage and chamomile.When pharyngitis should be excluded from the diet is too hot and too cold food, as well as sharp and acidic foods, which further will irrita
te the throat.Antibiotics used in the treatment of pharyngitis, if the pathogen is a bacterium.Often prescribed "Bioparox" - a drug for topical application.It has high antimicrobial efficacy, anti-inflammatory action.Means provided in the form of an aerosol."Bioparox" need to be injected into the cavity of the throat when rinsing.Due to the very small size of aerosol particles the active ingredient of the drug penetrates the most remote places of the respiratory tract.
Inside can assign the following antibiotics: "Amoxicillin", "Clindamycin" "Lincomycin", "Erythromycin".At intolerance of these drugs used drugs from other groups - macrolides, lincosamides and cephalosporins.There are a few rules of the use of antibiotics.They must be taken within ten days.The exception is "Azithromycin" macrolide - it is used five days.If within three days after receiving the drug were observed signs of improvement, this is evidence of the ineffectiveness of the drug.In this case, you must select a different antibiotic, or to refuse their application.With the disappearance of the symptoms of pharyngitis before the end of the course of therapy should take pills during this period to prevent recurrence of the disease.If at the end of the course takes place MbT it indicates treatment failure - in this case it is necessary to continue treatment, but other methods.