analogues of the drug "Yarin»

Analogs of contraception can be divided into two categories, similar in composition and similar in action, but the composition differs.

The first category includes:
- «Jess';
- «Midian";
- «Dailla";
- «Dimia."

In the second category where more extensive list.Here drugs are the most popular:
- «Lindinet 20";
- «Marvelon";
- «Mersilon";
- «Novinet";
- «Regulon";
- «Logest";
- «Jeanine."

If the doctor prescribes it "Yasmin" is likely to have a testimony to this, as this drug compares favorably with others. Most side effects "Yasmin", according to the doctors, there are at nedoobsledovannosti and unauthorized taking the drug.

whom and why prescribed "Yarin»

is believed that the drug "Yarin" effectively reduces the risk of the following diseases: cancer of the uterus a
nd ovaries, inflammation of the genital organs, ectopic pregnancy.There is a possibility to reduce the risk of mastitis and breast cancer while taking this drug, and at menopause reduces the risk of osteoporosis (bone loss).

doses of hormones in the product are low.Also contraceptive effect it has antimineralokortikoidnym effect, i.e.It reduces fluid retention and edema associated with it.In preparation pronounced anti-androgenic effect, which means that taking it with an excess of male hormones in the body suppress them.Therefore, "Yasmin" is often appointed to curative and preventive properties. a long time, there were rumors about the harm of all hormonal contraceptives, and to some extent they have been substantiated: the first drugs were a lot of shortcomings.

drugs similar to "Yasmin" in composition, often have a similar effect.For drugs "Dailla" and "Jess" full copy "Yasmin" in composition and action."Midian", despite the similar composition, does not possess anti-androgenic effect, but nonetheless similar to natural progesterone.In preparation "Dimia" less than that of others, is expressed antimineralokotikoidny effect.

Correctly pick such serious drugs such as hormonal contraception, can only qualified physician.So do not look for analogues prescribing and look for a cheaper drug.All hormonal contraceptives are relatively the same price range.The risk of all sorts of side effects is much higher in self-medication.