Tip 1: How to take Enterofuril

«Enterofuril" - an intestinal antiseptic, which treat diarrhea.Among similar drugs he released a powerful bactericidal effect and minimal contraindications.It can even give a two-month babies.

What to choose?

When diarrhea occurs, it is difficult to immediately determine why he.The first thing that comes to mind - food poisoning.Indeed, it is often stale, toxic food causes such a strong reaction.

But if the disorder is caused by pathogens takes it harder and longer.Some advised to take the "Smecta", others - "Imodium", others - "loperamide", "Enterol", "Enterofuril."It's all effective medications, but they act quite differently.What to choose?

«Smecta" - absorbent, which removes from the well poisoned body of harmful substances.But it is useless if the diarrhea caused by salmonella and dysentery.

«Imodium" quickly calms intestinal peristalsis.But they can not be treated for diarrhea due to antibiotics, dysentery and other intestinal infections, colitis, diverticulosis (protrusions in the walls of
the intestines, which are accumulated faeces).

«loperamide" more quickly calms peristalsis and effectively relieves symptoms disorder, but does not eliminate the cause.If you suspect an intestinal infection it is contraindicated reception.

Underlying "Enterol" - the yeast Saccharomyces.In an effort to attach to the intestinal wall, the "colonizers" crowd out competitors - pathogens.But against some types of intestinal infection fungi powerless.The "Enterofuril" same spectrum bactericidal action is extremely broad.

The "Enterofuril" better

He has significant advantages:
- «Enterofuril" - not an antibiotic, it does not destroy beneficial microflora;
- the drug is active against almost all intestinal infections, even resistant to many antibiotics;
- healing effect comes quickly enough;
- effect of the drug is limited only by the intestines;
- eliminating diarrhea, "Enterofuril" at the same time strengthens the immune system.

drug is resolved through breastfeeding, but is contraindicated in pregnant women and infants up to one month.An allergic reaction (urticaria) is rarely observed.

How to be treated "Enterofurilom»

Capsules 200 mg of active substance nifuroxazide adults and children older than seven years can take 4 times a day.Kids from two to seven years, they are given three times a day.Capsules 100 mg taken two pieces.

infants under two years of the capsule can not give - for them is issued a suspension with a pleasant smell and taste of a banana.Before use, do not forget to shake it thoroughly.

children from one to six months give 2.5 ml of a suspension of 2-3 times a day;from seven months to two years - 2.5 mg four times a day;from two to seven years - 5 ml three times per day.The course of treatment - a maximum of 7 days.

To avoid dehydration, you should drink plenty of liquids.Alcohol is strictly forbidden!

You can find information that the "Enterofuril" is dangerous because it is a derivative of nitrofurans.And they can trigger cancer.This information has not been confirmed by any scientific."Enterofuril" has been used for over half a century, and at the recommended doses, it manifested itself as a safe drug.

analogue of "Enterofuril" - "nifuroxazide."

Tip 2: How to take "Enterofuril"

«Enterofuril" - antimicrobial drug used to treat diarrhea.This agent is effective against intestinal infections.It does not disturb the healthy microflora.Preparation "Enterofuril" is used for the treatment of diseases in the acute and chronic forms.
indication to receive "Enterofuril" is diarrhea of ​​infectious origin.The tool is used for acute rastrojstvah intestine caused by pathogenic microorganisms, as well as for chronic diarrhea in people suffering from colitis."Enterofuril" effective for violations of the chair, treatment-induced antimicrobial drugs.Also the drug can be assigned diarrhea neyamnogo genesis, but before treatment to exclude infection with worms.
drug "Enterofuril" is made in the form of tablets and oral suspension.Tablets should be swallowed without chewing, and drink water.The suspension before use Shake well.You can drink the medicine with or without food.For dispensing a suspension is necessary to use a measuring spoon.Five milliliters of the drug as a solution containing 200 mg, 2.5 ml - 100 mg of active substance, respectively.
Adults "Enterofuril" can be taken in pill form or suspension.A single dose of 200 mg or 5 ml of product.Drink preparation should be 4 times a day.Between taking the medicine must be observed at regular intervals of time.The maximum daily dose "Enterofuril" is 800 mg.The drug should not be taken longer than 7 days.
Children older than 7 years of age can receive funds in any dosage form.The dosage and frequency of administration of the drug is the same as in adults.Children under 7 must be given "Enterofuril" in the form of a suspension.Single dose for children 2-7 years of 5 ml of the suspension, the receiving frequency - 3 times a day.Dosage for children from 7 months to 2 years is 2.5 ml 4 times a day for children 1-6 months - 2.5 ml 2-3 times a day.
drug "Enterofuril" should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to its components.The drug is contraindicated in children under 1 month.Also, the tool should not be used for the treatment of premature babies.During pregnancy and lactation take "Enterofuril" only by the physician.
Treatment with "Enterofuril" usually takes place without the side effects.In rare cases allergy in the form of urticaria.In severe reaction to the drug treatment should be discontinued.
Helpful Hint
Diarrhoea provoked dehydration, so during treatment is necessary to fill the shortage of body fluids.

During treatment "Enterofurilom" should not be taken sorbents, as they may reduce the effectiveness of the drug.
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