reduces appetite pills

lowering drugs appetite, aimed at suppressing hunger in humans, contributing to lower consumption of food and subsequent weight loss.It is worth noting that these pills are not effective by themselves, and "work" only in conjunction with other measures to lose weight.For example, it is advisable to exercise and make your diet as much as possible balanced, excluding vegetable fats and high-calorie foods from the diet.

These drugs should also be used under medical supervision.The structure of most of these drugs include sibutramine, the use of which in high doses can cause anorexia and be harmful to health.The active substance is a medication for the appetite suppressant and is part of many drugs for weight loss.

use of drugs on the basis of sibu
tramine is strictly contraindicated in people with comorbid conditions that can cause obesity - such as type 2 diabetes or dyslipoproteinemia.Himself sibutramine is able to reduce appetite, beat hunger.It helps to generate heat, which can be useful if you exercise. pills that are composed of sibutramine, used in the event that the use of other non-drug methods of struggle with obesity has not had the desired effect.

Popular drugs to reduce appetite

Among the drugs that contain sibutramine, marked "Meridia" and "Reduxine."They are sold in pharmacies by prescription and are not available in the open sale without a prescription.The drug is contraindicated in mental illness, individual intolerance of components, heart disease, hypertension, glaucoma, prostatic hyperplasia. forbidden to take pills during pregnancy and lactation.It is not recommended to conduct reception in conjunction with antidepressants.

Another known drug that reduces appetite and does not incorporates sibutramine is "Fluoxetine" ("Prozac").The drug is also a well-known and relatively low-cost antidepressant.The drug has less impact on people and does not give such a clearly marked medical effects as sibutramine, but is safer and less likely to cause side effects.Due to its antidepressant effects of the drug can increase the craving for training, reduce the desire to eat, and to encourage the continuation of the process of getting rid of excess weight.Among the contraindications to the "Fluoxetine" isolated hepatic and renal failure.