Never give this drug without a prescription, that can really compare the benefits and harms to the body of the child.
Never give this medication to children under 2 years - included in the formulation auxiliaries not really helpful for the child's body in the neonatal period and early childhood.
In appointing the drug ACC in any dosage form should be remembered that for a normal cough sputum child should drink during the day plenty of fluids (in the form of drinking water, hot tea, soups).
ACC children may be given in the form of a granular powder, one sachet is designed for one time (there are bags containing the active ingredient of 100 and 200 mg in a single package).In this case, pour the contents of one bag (depending on the doctor's
recommendations) in a cup and add the warm but not boiling water and stir.After checking the temperature of the solution ACC under adult supervision the child must at once drink all the prepared solution.
is also possible to assign ACC for children in the form of a syrup, which is used for the preparation of a special granular powder.This syrup is prepared with the addition of a liquid in a vial with granules - should be added to drinking water to the mark on the wall of the vial and mix thoroughly.Ready syrup can be stored in the refrigerator for 12 days.Syrup ACC contains one measuring spoon (attached to a package for cooking syrup) the same amount of active ingredient that one sachet containing 100 mg of active drug.Dosage regimen syrup appointed as a pediatrician.
long-acting drugs ACC -long, issued in the form of soluble tablets for solution, should not be given to children under 14 years.