Potassium permanganate is not available in all pharmacies, for two reasons.Firstly, this is so innocent-looking powder is a component for the manufacture of explosives.However, it will need to bomb a lot.Secondly, in modern pharmacies do not always have the conditions for storage of potassium permanganate.Potassium permanganate powder readily dissolves in water, so it must be stored in a dry place.That means, most likely, will not appear in the pharmacy, the range which consists mainly of hygiene products and food additives.But where do all kinds of custom-made ointmen
ts and medicines, for sure there are potassium permanganate.In either case, you just need to ask the pharmacist.Potassium permanganate sold in bags or small jars for 3 years, but better to pre ask your doctor prescription.
potassium permanganate powder is stored for a long time, so that if he found her grandmother in a closet - it can be used.

Store chemicals

powder and potassium permanganate is used for chemical experiments.Therefore, it can be bought in the store chemicals.Unfortunately, these stores do not have in all regional centers.But in Moscow and St. Petersburg, they are, and there you will offer this product - however, may be asked to apply to the school or college.

Some stores chemicals and pharmacy trade including through the Internet.Manganese, as well as any substance that can be ordered directly online.

goods for gardeners

solution of potassium permanganate is also used in horticulture.It is recognized by means of some very common plant diseases.So take a walk to the nearest store that sells products for gardeners and ask there.Potassium permanganate is usually there, but most often the solution.You can use the services of an online store for gardeners.You may even offer potassium permanganate in pound package.Such an amount of potassium permanganate for medical purposes is hardly necessary, because even for the concentrated solution just need a few crystals.However, potassium permanganate can be stored forever, if you comply with the conditions.Most suitable conventional glass jar with a good lid.The Bank should be properly cleaned and thoroughly dried.Pharmacies are usually potassium permanganate stored in containers with tight lids, but at home it is not necessary.The substance itself is not aggressive, but the most important thing in life - to avoid the formation of moisture.So it is suitable for storage of not only banks, but also waxed paper bag.Potassium permanganate not be in contact with glycerol and some other substances.