Women, unlike men, have a tendency to accumulate in certain areas of additional fat.That's the way of nature.The adipose tissue contains connective fibers that surround the cells adipocytes.Accumulating fat, they expand, generating the pressure on the fibers that are sealed.At this point, formed bumps and hollows between them.The skin is similar to an orange peel.
Cellulite first degree is considered the norm for a woman.The reason for his education - increase with age in the female body hormone es
trogen.Cellulite is higher than the first degree is a pathology.To him give various reasons.
During lengthy diets lower part of the body loses weight faster than the top.When the period of abstinence ends, there is a set weight.However, in the lower body, this process is much faster.This oscillation causes the imbalance.Human figure resembles a pear, and on the thighs and buttocks cellulite is formed.
is important not only how much you eat, but what.Eating saturated fats and additives, it contains many harmful ingredients and beneficial micronutrients poor.Sustenance of the body is reduced on higher levels of carcinogens."Fast" food, usually flavored with a high content of spices, which increases appetite.The consequence of all this is a violation of metabolism and weight gain.The lymphatic vessels and veins lose their elasticity.This process leads to formation of cellulite.
Physical inactivity - is one of the causes of cellulite.When a person is at rest, his breathing slows, it becomes shallow, deteriorating blood circulation, slowing the flow of lymph.When the body is in a sitting position on the buttocks and thighs is under pressure.As a result disrupted supply of tissues with nutrients.Against this background, the cellulite is formed.
no less detrimental effect on the body of bad habits.Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine excess contribute to excessive formation of unstable molecules, that is, free radicals.The body can not cope with them.Molecules to penetrate into the cells and damage their structure.
Besides these reasons there is a possibility of hereditary factors.Some people have a predisposition to the disease.So if a mother has cellulite, it is likely his daughter also did not escape.