you need
  • computer connected to the Internet, a list of recommended products specialist, menus, at least seven days, a notebook, a pen.
Understand once: recommendations for clinical nutrition should be a doctor!Therapeutic diets should be preceded by a cycle of surveys, based on the results of which can be set on the medical necessity of the transition menu.If you - a hostage of a serious disease, willfully and in the choice of products is also not worth it.Based on the features of your disease, your doctor will prescribe you the necessary treatment for vitamins and medicines, but also give a list of products that should be your regula
r diet.
specialists, nutritionists usually prescribe a certain number of diet or provide a complete description of it.As a rule, the diet corresponding to a particular disease has a number of dietary table (the so-called therapeutic diet doctors).Knowing your diagnosis, you can refer to the finished diet - their description is on the Internet at medical websites.After reviewing the menu, described on these websites, you can either follow it, or create their own.Do not be afraid of restrictions, because over time the body gets used to consume rebuilt and that requires a diet.Therapeutic diet - your new way of life, so do not suffer, it is better to treat it with creativity and imagination.
If you are in the grip of a serious illness that requires a special attitude to what you eat, it is worth remembering a few rules.Firstly, a large value has a correct set of products, and secondly, the conditions of cooking technologies, thirdly, the temperature of the food, and its reception timing.
The basis of any diet is well-written menu.The menu must match the medical for the types of products that make up your diet.The combination of foods consumed at breakfast, lunch and dinner, should satisfy the need for interaction between proteins, fats and carbohydrates.Also, do not limit yourself in the tastes: the menu should be varied!Moreover, the range of products that make up your medical menu should not "beat" on the wallet.
be necessary to pre-culinary plan for the week, and he is completely fit.The main rule of all diets - do not limit yourself to eating is best to eat a little, but little by little, working, and in the preparation of the treatment plan.Therefore it is possible beneficial snacking between meals.In any case, do not overeat.Write down everything you eat during the day.It is better to once again drink water than overeat.