angina Angina that in the old days was called angina pectoris, is a cardiovascular disorder in which for one reason or another separate section of the heart muscle is no longer sufficiently supplied with blood.This in turn causes a weakening or even necrosis of the area in which a person feels chest pain, burning, breathing problems and other symptoms.

, in turn, causes disruption of blood supply are often linked to the fact that the vessels that carry blood should flow to the heart muscle is completely or partially blocked so-called atherosclerotic plaque - formation consisting mainly of fat and calcium, which during the life formin the human bloodstream.Furthermore, the lack of blood supply may be caused by a sudden movement or vasospasm thrombus.

Diet for angina

diet that physicians recommend patien
ts with angina, means strict adherence to certain principles of nutrition, which can reduce the risk of exacerbation.So, one of the first and the basic principles of this diet is the complete exclusion from the diet of animal fats, which contribute to increasing the number of atherosclerotic plaques.It is, however, to ensure a sufficient intake of fats in the body may be due to different vegetable oils.

second important principle to be followed in diet angina - reducing the amount of salt intake, because its excessive consumption can lead to high blood pressure, thereby increasing the load on the damaged heart muscle.The salt in the diet can replace a variety of seasonings, allowing the dish to give rich flavor.

In addition, the presence of angina is very important to get rid of excess weight, because it also excessively loads the heart muscle and increases the risk of necrosis.Therefore, patients who are already overweight, experts usually recommend to make your diet calorie, that is to provide fewer calories entering the body compared to the amount that a person consumes in a day.Such a diet can lead to weight loss, which will positively affect the well-being of the patient.

In turn, this means that it is expedient for angina reject products high in fat and sugar, for example, most of the confectionery fat sausage, mayonnaise and similar products.At the same time should be included in the diet of more fruits and vegetables, some of the fermented milk and low-fat protein foods such as chicken and fish.