Tea - a unique product, which is able to satisfy without the calories.So with tea diet can really lose weight, provided that the tea you drink rather weak and, of course, no sugar.

What tea for tea diet?

There are many kinds of tea, among them it is necessary to choose the right option.So here's what tea is suitable for this diet:
- Hibiscus (Hibiscus red tea);
- green leaf tea;
- herbal tea (especially chamomile, lemon balm, calendula);
- white oolong tea;
- in rare cases - green tea with milk;
- berry teas (with strawberries, strawberries and so on);
- fragrant teas sold in tea shops (not only take on the basis of black tea!).
Black tea, tea bags, too strong tea is not suitable for tea diet - consider this!

options tea weight loss diet

Diet tea has many faces, everyone can choose the one of its kind, which will be more to your

tea as a diet.Here it is necessary to comply with the diet for 2-3 days - these days are allowed to drink only tea.This is a great unloaded before the holiday, which will correct the figure.If one case of hard, then add to it sometimes milk 1.5% fat.

tea instead of dinner.This kind of diet like to use the model.Breakfast should be dense (scrambled eggs or porridge), moderate lunch (salad and soup) snack - poor (apple, yogurt), dinner - tea without sugar.On this diet you can sit as you want!

tea Fasting days.This diet recommends green tea without additives and sugar.Spend unloading times a week, drinking 5-6 cups of weak tea.Such a process will allow you to maintain proper weight.

Can I lose weight with sweet tea?Unfortunately, tea and sugar - harmful combination which is not suitable thin!Stick to classic tea diet, watch your health, because "hungry" diet options can bring to weakness.If you this happens, it is better to give up on a diet of tea - health is more important!