There are several types of protein diets, but they differ from each other only slightly.One of the most popular diets today is the Kremlin diet or the Atkins diet.In these systems provide unlimited power consumption of food rich in protein, but foods rich in carbohydrates is necessary to minimize (about 40 grams of carbohydrate per day).

Another fairly popular view - this egg diet.It lies in the use of three boiled eggs in a day with the addition of other products (grapefruit, vegetables, boiled fish, etc.).

Also worth noting, and protein-vitamin diet, in which you need to eat foods rich in proteins and vitamins (with the exception of fats and carbohydrates).

menu protein diet for 7 days

The daily menu consists of the following food products (to choose):

meat or fish cooked in any way, but you can not use flour or rusk breading and sauces (even fried foods are allowed).

unsweetened fruit or vegetables (this includes salads with different ingredients), eggs, low-fat cottage cheese and dairy products.

To the food was balanced, it should be possible to alternate between meat and fish.Also it is necessary to completely eliminate from the diet of bread and confectionery, sugar, potatoes and all kinds of cereals.

Protein diet for pregnant

Also of note protein diet for pregnant women.Sometimes she is appointed by the doctor - for example, if a woman during pregnancy begins to gain weight quickly.During pregnancy, it is necessary not only to supply your body with protein, but also to eat balanced.

daily menu for pregnant women should consist of the following products:

- at least two glasses of milk a day;

- s Jelenia vegetables (such as lettuce or cucumber);

- egg;

- 2 slices of cheese;

- approximately 100 grams of cottage cheese;

- nuts and other cereals;

- boiled meat;

- fruits, rich in vitamin C.

However, during pregnancy, before the protein diet is to consult a doctor.