you need
  • fresh or dried plants celandine.
to brew fresh celandine, pull out a bush by the roots, wash, saving them from the ground, remove the dried leaves.Then you need to finely chop it, pieces of approximately half a centimeter.Use the whole plant: flowers and roots, stems and leaves.Then sprinkle chopped celandine in a jar, so that he filled it in half, cover with boiling water.Cover and allow to cool sealed celandine.As soon as the temperature has dropped, the infusion can be drunk.
Brewing Dried celandine, pour about a quarter of the dry weight of the banks.Dried plants also need to pre-cut to a very small state.Similarly as in the case of fresh herbs, cover, and allow to
When celandine tincture cools, Decant it and take half a glass before meals 2-3 times a day, children of school age can drink a quarter cup per 1 time, kids - a tablespoon.
Brew celandine preferably in an amount such that immediately drink the infusion.It is not necessary to store it, so the medicinal properties of celandine decrease.The infusion of this plant can be used not only for domestic but also for outdoor use.It eliminates skin disorders, including acne and acne, skin nutrition helps vitamins.
can brew celandine for receiving a bath.Take a bath with celandine can be at any age, even in the very early - for kids is especially useful.For bathroom brew about 0.5 liters of celandine and pour the resulting infusion in the filled bathtub.Celandine can combine with other herbs and flowers.