Before taking 'Yasmin' pass examination by a doctor and find out if you are not contraindicated medication.In diabetes, thrombosis, migraine, some cancer and kidney failure, "Yasmin" may impair your health.Furthermore, the tablets are forbidden to receive during pregnancy and lactation, and some gynecological disorders.
If before "Yarin" you did not drink other oral contraceptives, start taking the pill on the first day of menstrual bleeding.Less secure scheme in which "Yasmin" is assigned to the 2-5 day cycle.In this case it is better to err in a week to further prevent the barri
er means.
If you go to "Yarin" after other oral contraceptives do a seven-day break between courses.Although many physicians are inclined to believe that the reliability will drink "Yasmin", starting with the very next day after the cancellation of the previous drug.
Take each day one pill "Yasmin".Wash down it with a little water.Duration of the course - 21 days.High contraceptive effect is guaranteed only if you do not miss a single day, and drink the drug about the same time of day.
If you ever forget to take a pill at the scheduled time, do it as soon as possible.Delay up to 12 hours does not threaten.If more time has passed, the contraceptive effect will decrease, and therefore better in the coming days to further prevent condoms or even abstain from sexual intercourse.
After drug packaging do a seven-day break.As a rule, the second or the fourth day after the last tablet menstruation begins.
Sometimes the body needs time to get used to the "Yasmin".During this period, you may experience discomfort in the mammary glands, headache, decreased libido, diarrhea and vomiting.In the latter two cases, while getting used to the preparation necessary to use additional methods of protection.