you need
  • - olive oil, vegetables, fruits, milk products, bran;
  • - saline solutions;
  • - medical supervision.
One of the most famous drug addiction is a habit of laxatives.Most often, they are beginning to use to lose weight.As a result, laxatives relieve the load from the colon and are taught to a standstill.
If you encounter this problem is an urgent need to revise the diet.Avoid sweet and flour.Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, bran, milk products.Before the restoration of the chair take three times a day, a teaspoon of olive oil for 30 minutes before eating.If necessary, consult a doctor.
Each faced with allergies has a real opportu
nity to make drug dependence antihistamines.You can not take a long time, one and the same drug.In addition, it is dangerous to use a single drug that was once prescribed by a doctor, for all cases of allergic reactions.Not the fact that it will help, but the patient alone to increase the dose in an attempt to alleviate their condition.It should take antihistamines only on prescription and under constant supervision of a doctor to prescribe medication.
Drug dependence on nasal drops called vasomotor rhinitis.This type depending can last for years, and does not disappear on their own.In order not to make this pathology, it is impossible to use one drug from the common cold for more than 5 days.You can replace nasal drops special brine.It is best to consult an ENT doctor.
most dependent on tranquilizers and sleeping pills to cope with this problem on their own can not.At the first signs of pharmacological depending from this group of drugs should consult a doctor.You may need treatment in a psychiatric clinic.