Take "Movalis" only on medical prescription.If this drug is recommended you for the first time, report all existing chronic diseases of internal organs, especially the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver.This information will help the doctor to adjust the dosage of the drug and to best protect you from the occurrence of side effects.
«Movalis" in any dosage form can not be used for children under 12 years of age, pregnant women, nursing their ba
bies, people with severe renal, hepatic or cardiac insufficiency who are allergic to the components of the drug, as well as patientswho aggravated a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer.For additional suppositories are contraindicated inflammation found in the rectum and anus (colitis, hemorrhoids, fissures, etc.).
Analyze together with your doctor the possibility of combined use of different forms of "Movalis."If extensive inflammation and severe pain to begin treatment with intramuscular injections possible.After 3-5 days of injections necessary to replace the tablets or suppositories.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.It is calculated according to the severity of the disease and the general state of the patient and may vary during the course of treatment.At the initial stage, or an exacerbation of chronic disease doctor will prescribe a high daily dose.With the improvement of the patient's state of health will be reduced by the amount of the drug.The maximum amount allowed for daily use is 15 mg for adults and 0.25 mg / kg for teens.
sure to follow the daily requirement especially careful if you are assigned to combined treatment "movalis": tablets and suppositories.In this case, use different forms of the same drug dosage.For example, in the morning, take 7.5 mg "Movalis" tablets in the evening - the same dose in the candlelight.
Wash down the tablets of cold boiled water.Since food intake does not affect the efficiency of absorption of the body "Movalis" You can take the pills during or after meals.Suppositories use once a day, preferably at night.Injections take a deep intramuscular injection.The solution "Movalis" is not intended for intravenous injection.
tell your doctor about any other medications you are taking during treatment "movalis."It is not recommended to combine NSAIDs with other drugs in this group.The ability to combine "Movalis" and other drugs evaluated by a physician, taking into account the effectiveness of and the need for each of them.
Watch for side effects during the treatment time "movalis."Any new symptoms, inform your doctor.The drug should be stopped immediately at the first appearance of blood in the stool, urine, or vomit, and upon detection of a skin rash or ulcers in the mouth.Reduce the daily dose and the need to conduct additional tests in the presence of swelling, pain in the heart, shortness of breath, decreased visual acuity.