Women often decide to change birth control pills on the advice of friends, or after watching the infomercial.However, not everyone finds time to go to the doctor to consult about the safety of this solution to health.But just like that, on their own to change some other COCs is not necessary, even if you think that the new drug would be best for you.Be sure to discuss the idea with the doctor who took you to the previous birth control pills.Only he can decide whether this step is justified.
If you took a firm decision to move to other oral contraceptives, the sequence of action is slightly different, depending on how many tablets contained in a single package your current COC.If there are 21 tablets, then take the
last of them, wait 7 days.During this time, you must undergo menstruation.After 7 days pass, take the first pill from the pack of the new funds.Do this even if the month is not yet over.
If one blister COC that you are currently taking, contains 28 pills, then start a new drug on the day following the end of the previous package as if it is the same drug.Do not break, even just one day.Continue to take a new means of oral contraceptives, as usual.
right clicking from one drug to another, you do not violate their security, so an additional method of contraception is not necessary.But if in doubt, that all went well, then use the first week of admission even any ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy.Additional protection is required even in the case if a new drug works differently, for example, you move on to the single-phase three-phase contraceptives.