Tip 1: How to take Glycine

Glycine - a drug that regulates metabolic processes.Available in the form of tablets taken by sublingual resorption.The drug is prescribed for adults and children over one year to relieve stress, strengthen thinking, normalize sleep and improve mood, as well as to improve the social adaptation, the normalization of the functional activity of the brain after a stroke, trauma and alcohol intoxication.
Glycine If you are appointed, you take it according to the doctor's recommendation.The drug belongs to a prescription and must be dispensed from a pharmacy only with a prescription.Although in practice things are very different.If you do not have a doctor appointed Glycine and Administration for its reception, and you purchased the tablets on the advice of a friend or read about it on the Internet, carefully read the instructions for use and doses recommended by the manufacturer.
If you want to give the drug to young children, be sure to get the advice of a doctor.The drug was well
tolerated, but may cause allergic reactions and contraindicated if you are hypersensitive.Therefore, to assign his own children and to determine the dose, then to risk the health of the child.
Teenagers can take 1 tablet Glycine 3 times a day for 14-30 days, dissolving under the tongue until complete dissolution of the tablet.Particularly relevant glycine intake during periods of stress, sleep disorders, mood, if the adolescent is aggressive, conflict poorly to education and training.
At older ages, Glycine take 1 tablet 3 times a day regardless of the meal.However, since the product contains amino acetic acid, in order to avoid ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract is better to take Glycine 30-40 minutes after eating.
If you suffer from severe disorders associated with menopause, severe sleep disturbances and frequent changes of mood, you can increase the dose of glycine to two tablets per reception.Absorbable tablet under the tongue until completely dissolved.
If you had a stroke, head injury, alcohol intoxication, Glycine take 2 tablets 3 times a day.If you find it hard to dissolve the tablet under the tongue, you can chop them, dissolve one teaspoon of water and just drink.
If necessary, use Glycine courses.During the year, you can take the medication 6-7 times in 30 days, with a few interruptions.

Tip 2: How to use glycine

Glycine is replaceable aliphatic amino acetic acid, which is synthesized in the body of any person.It is a regulator of metabolic processes and activates normalizes inhibition in the central nervous system, the brain increases efficiency and reduces emotional stress.
How to use glycine
When using glycine, you may notice that the emotional stress decreased, decreased konfliknost, aggression, increased social adaptation.Glycine facilitates normalization of sleep, facilitating falling asleep, reduce autonomic disorders of the vascular system.The medicine is prescribed for ischemic stroke and traumatic brain injury to reduce the severity of brain disorders.In addition, this drug reduces the toxic effects of alcohol and drugs which depress the nervous system.
Use glycine in periods of declining mental capacity, in stressful situations, diseases of the nervous system, leading to increased excitability, emotional instability and nervousness.
Glycine should be taken sublingually, iekept under the tongue until completely dissolved.Dosage depends on the age of the patient and the severity of the disease.Practically healthy children, adolescents and adults with emotional tension or stress, mental stress appoint 1 tablet 2-3 times for 2-4 weeks.Sleep disorders and insomnia glycine should be taken half an hour before bedtime for 0,5-1 tablet, depending on age.When hangover glycine take 1 tablet, and then every 20 minutes for another tablet but not more than 7 units per day.Please note that children under three years old can not take the drug subligvalno.Therefore, it can be provided in particulate form.
As for contraindication, the persons suffering from hypotension, while taking glycine must constantly to measure blood pressure.If necessary, the dose can be reduced.If you have to work that requires special attention, including the handling of the vehicle, the reception of glycine should be abandoned.
only to the grave, then you can not.In fact, it take years and decades.
Helpful Hint
Tell me, please, how long can you take koaksil and glycine?Taking an antidepressant can be up to a year (if required by the state), glycine is used, usually monthly rates.Though the latter accepts no rare and haphazardly without any negative consequences, ie. A. The drug is completely harmless.
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