Start taking folic acid (vitamin B9) is still in the planning stages of pregnancy .The fact that the formation of the fetal nervous system, in particular the neural tube, starts at 2 weeks after conception.Often at this time woman has no idea about her pregnancy , so the lack of much-needed vitamin may negatively affect the embryo.Besides prophylactic folic acid during time compensate its deficit, which is the majority of the population and would be beneficial not only to the health of the unborn child, but also the well-being of the woman.
Take three tablets daily of folic aci
d (vitamin B9).Despite the fact that a daily dose in this case to give 3 mg instead recommended during pregnancy 400-800 micrograms appointment justified.Book recommendations do not take into account the possible vitamin deficiency, which for most women is present before pregnancy , so higher doses of folic acid are needed in order to compensate for its lack.
Drink 2 tablets of folic acid, if you are taking a multivitamin for pregnant women.As a rule, they have found a preventive dose of vitamin B9, so supplementation of folic acid is needed only to make up for its deficit in the body.
Buy dairy products.Bifidobacteria included in their composition, contribute to a better absorption of folic acid.A cup of yogurt, drinking daily, help assimilate folic acid contained not only tablets, but also in natural products.