you need
  • - ethyl alcohol 70-degree
  • - Propolis
  • - Mortar (mill, a hammer and a clean cloth) for the grinding of raw materials
  • - Refrigerator
  • - Glass container
  • - Pharmaceutical preparations of propolis
  • - Abstract to a drug
  • - Consultation
Prepare an alcohol tincture of propolis alone.Depending on the doctor's prescription, the concentration of the product of beekeeping can be made from 5% to 50%.The most commonly used 20% tincture.For it need 100 ml of 70-degree of ethyl alcohol and 20 g of propolis.
- Give propolis freeze in the refrigerator for up to a brittle state.Grind in the mortar mill or manual.You can cover the raw piece of clean cotton cloth
and tap it with a hammer;
- Fill propolis and alcohol in a glass container and seal.Insist two weeks at room temperature, each day a good shaking vessel.
can make a "fast" alcohol tincture of propolis, if you want to use the tool immediately.To do this, take the ingredients in the right proportions;propolis grind and alcohol warm up in a water bath to 50 degrees (do not boil!).Pour the powder and stir until completely dissolved.
propolis tincture Pour into a bottle of dark glass and put in a cool place (eg, in a wooden medicine cabinet with blind doors).Store in the refrigerator propolis is not recommended because of excessive hypothermia it may lose its healing properties.Pre-infusion can drain or drain the upper liquid before each use, not shaking the sediment.
Use alcohol tincture only on prescription in the recommended doses.Eliminate allergies - usually negative reaction occurs immediately to all bee products.Dissolve propolis should be a very small proportion.For example, to raise the immunity times a day take only 15 drops of tincture to a glass of water.Overdose of the funds, by contrast, is able to inhibit the immune system.
Dilute tincture of propolis depends on the specific disease.For example (the proportion of adults):
- When cold - on a tablespoon of water, 10 drops;
- To rinse sore throat - 10 ml per 100 g of water;
- Gastric ulcer add 20 drops in milk and drink an hour after eating 3 times a day;
- With otitis media is introduced into the ear canal gauze rolls, soaked in propolis.
Buy at the pharmacy ready products based on propolis.Doctors often prescribe an aqueous suspension (especially children) both internally and externally.It contains extractor propolis active substances in small quantities.Hoods are also used with the approval of cosmetologists.If a propolis diluted with oil or petroleum jelly, ointment has a regenerating effect on the skin, relieves itching and fights fungus.
Dilute aqueous suspension of propolis is usually recommended in boiled water.For example:
- 1: 1 - for irrigation and production of lotions for wounds and ulcers. Propolis kills bacteria and acts as a local analgesic;
- 1: 2 - for antibacterial and antiviral drops when conjunctivitis and rhinitis.During influenza epidemics prevention can be instilled in the diluted slurry for 5 drops nose 2 times per day.