Tip 1: How to fight cellulite

you still remember her figure slender and toned skin?Dreaming about the return of its former magnificence do not give you sleep well?Hence, the promotion of a beautiful body, built into an absolute, found its customers.You have tried to imagine the futility of action content jars hypnotic called "anti-cellulite cream?"Hence, the fight against cellulite in your midst, and cosmetic companies got a real customer, able to make their own contribution to the further enrichment.

you even sure you have cellulite or we are dealing with a weak-willed victim of advertising companies?In any case, following the recommendations of this article, you will not just fight cellulite, but will be slimmer, healthier, and most importantly - more cheerful!

Cellulite - what a beast

due to the formation of cellulite in violation of metabolic processes in the subcutaneous fat layer.The body is unable to cope with incoming nutrients are not able to break down and transform fats that accumulate in the subcutaneous layer.

If men mostly suffer from obesity, the cellulitis - exclusively female disadvantage at 3-4 stage manifestations affecting the appearance of the skin bumps are not aesthetic appearance.Suffer such violations are not only overweight people.Orange peel occurs in lean of the fair sex.

Anti-cellulite treatments and effective means to combat cellulite

Those suffering from cellulite should apply anti-cellulite treatments in the complex.Any calls to disperse stagnant blood and lymph systems, activating biological processes throughout the body.Any serious problem requires a large-scale approach to its solution.Thighs, abdomen and buttocks can not be a local place where you can freely cause the acceleration of metabolic processes.It is necessary to disperse the fluid environment of the whole organism.

Sport or off fat

more effective means to combat cellulite than sports, not yet invented.To be sure to remove cellulite, and the process of training went confidently, not ground to a halt after the first week, choose the sport for which you have, as they say, is the soul.Just do not say that it is expensive - jogging is free, as well as fitness classes, downloaded from the Internet.

For sports buy a special belt or shorts.If shorts road, then your struggle with cellulite help wrapping the hips, buttocks and belly cling film just before classes.This will cause sweating due thermoeffect.Through pores then goes not only a significant amount of excess water and fat, and toxins.

If the fight against cellulite, you take seriously, to enhance the action before classes lubricate the problem areas with a mixture of vegetable and essential oils in the tablespoon of not more than 5 drops of essential.Mix the butter just before brushing.Most neutral and beneficial for the skin is olive oil.Esters Pick up the smell, because our body, so he determines that he needs.Ironically, the oil itself is a fat, gives the skin cells useful oleic acid, not all of which our body produces its own.After a workout sure to wash with soap and water.

not wait effect after 2-3 sessions.The fact that the sport does not help, will be approved within six months of regular exercise 2-3 times a week.Although, I must try hard not to get any positive results for such period.

Go-ka you are in the bath!

Another great way to combat cellulite, that is sweat, expel toxins actually redeveloped, coined long ago by our forefathers, that the question "how to deal with cellulite," no worries.Plunge into the pool with cool water after each call to the steam room, you is even more open pores and increases sweating.Excessive use of a visit to the bath or sauna not: once a week is enough, it's a decent load on the heart.

body smeared with honey or honey mixture with salt or essential oils before the next stops in the steam room, you will do a great service to the skin, for which he will be instantly rewarded her velvety.This excellent skin care, thanks to which it receives nutrition and full of biologically active substances contained in honey.For problem areas enough tablespoon of honey, but nothing prevents smear the whole body.The proportion of honey: salt about 1: 1, the essential oil is not more than 5 drops per tablespoon of honey.Warm up with a honey mask, wash it off with warm water.Equally beneficial bath with sea salt, but rather the real sea bathing.

Massage - an effective tool to combat cellulite

Professional masseurs smash beer bellies, the size of a 9-month pregnancy, so that the problem with your juicy uniquely cope, because a quality massage breaks up cellulite.For you, the problem only to find a professional massage therapist, not the masseur - the advertising agent.

During the massage, you need to not only enjoy the pleasant sensations and oykat unpleasant, but also to remember what movements and the sequence in which the impact occurs.Exclusively to at home to try to reproduce a similar massage alone or with the help of a masseur.Agree, massage services, though remarkable, but to resort to the help of their long-term expensive, at a time how to deal with cellulite at home is always cheaper.

wraps against cellulite

Plain clay can work wonders.The molecules of aluminum oxide is the main component of any color clay, endowed with such highly absorbent action that cure serious diseases.Clay wraps on the area orange peel break stagnation in the subcutaneous layer.

Make a wrap at home a snap.Clay, taken from their own garden or the nearest quarry, no worse than the purchase of clay.It is necessary to soak water, bring to the consistency of thick cream.Put a layer of clay about a centimeter on the fabric, where the problem areas and wrap.Lie on advance postelennuyu oilcloth completely bundle up with blankets.Wrapping lasts about an hour.An indication of the procedure is successfully carried out perspiration, indicating that the clay has coped with its task.

The same can be said about the healing mud.You should not chase after allegedly mud from the Dead Sea, in estuaries Crimea and the Caucasus, it is not worse, just no one does its advertising.It is better to be smeared with mud right outside the estuaries, as the smell of hydrogen sulfide few people seem appealing.10-15 minutes of drying in the sun - and your skin will get a decent portion of trace elements, and in the daily procedures for 10 days of rest shall be satisfied with the missing links in the year ahead.Mud wraps should not last more than 15 minutes, because they create a significant burden on the heart.

Healthy Eating

Razmassazhirovat stagnant areas, to expel them from fat, free from toxins - a priority measures to combat cellulite.However, the program to combat cellulite must necessarily include measures for the establishment and continued maintenance of metabolic processes.Simply put, you need to have a varied diet, and most importantly, you have to train yourself willpower not to pass.Another remarkable erect the rank of tradition vegetable a day once a week and a day on the water once a month.

not go to extremes, fighting cellulite.Remember, anorexia, in contrast to the hidden fat is real!They look the same "Auschwitz graduate with honors from" much worse than the young ladies' blood and milk. "

If due to the efforts of a titanic struggle with cellulite ended his apparent surrender - this is not a reason to relax and fall back into the old rhythm of life.How many years have you been accumulating it?Do you think it is so easy to part with you?He will once again remind myself, as soon as you return to a sedentary lifestyle.So, there is no limit to perfection, or as well, that there is advertising of horror that makes us fight cellulite, tirelessly.Now you know how to fight cellulite and to overcome it.Successful self-improvement!

Tip 2: What is cellulite

If your reflection in the mirror you are no longer happy, and the skin, recently has a smooth, soft and velvety, and now began to resemble orange peel, this means thatyou cellulite.
What is cellulite
Unfortunately, cellulite - not cosmetic defect.The disease, which is called medical lipodystrophy.Already from the name you can understand that this is a violation of the processes occurring in the fatty tissues.Well, if easier - this is an increase of fat cells in areas of the body such as the thighs, buttocks, lateral portions knees, hands and stomach.Thus the fat from these cells does not appear, they gradually accumulate toxins.The result - the cell walls do not stand up and begin to break down.In the affected areas slows down the blood flow.Therefore, one of the signs predtsellyulitnogo states are bruising, arising out of nowhere.

Cellulite is a few steps.If the first two are only a cosmetic defect, and are expressed first in a light swelling of tissues, and in a later stage - in the notorious "orange peel", in more severe stages it becomes rather unpleasant disease.There are hollow, subcutaneous nodules and swelling.At the fourth, makronodulyarnoy stage units are large, painful.Affected place constantly swells and the temperature of tissue at the site increases.

There is a form of cellulite, which affects not only women, but men.It - dysmorphism, or as it is called: "leg football."Dysmorphism expressed in hypertrophic muscle thighs.This disease is usually associated with an overload of leg muscles.In such cases, impaired pulmonary circulation.Veins and small blood vessels can not cope with excessive flushing, and thereby in the muscles, and subcutaneous fatty tissue accumulates excess liquid.Fabrics thicken, there are all the signs of running cellulite.If no action is taken, the situation will deteriorate quite rapidly.

But, fortunately, all forms of cellulite quite easy to recover.Proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle, reasonable, metered load - all this will give you back the beauty and health.
Getting rid of cellulite at home
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Getting rid of cellulite at home
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