First of all, after a person has received the injury is necessary to impose a pressure bandage on the point of impact.If there was a bruised nose, then insert cotton swabs.If there is severe bleeding, it is necessary to begin to stop the bleeding and treat the wound around the area of ​​damage, then apply a bandage.When injuries in any case can not attempt to reduce a draw or injured limb.To eliminate internal bleeding or fracture, you must creep into the hospital.

If you have a small child, it is helpful to have a small first-aid kit in a bottle of oil, arnica and calendula oil.Arnica works very quickly and radically.It is enough to rub it in the place of injury that would feel the reduction of pain and swelling (do not take in damaged skin).If the skin

is damaged, the injuries can be treated by using calendula oil or St. John's wort oil and put compresses of comfrey leaves.

regularly give the patient herbs that strengthen the walls of capillaries, before all the nettle and horse chestnut.

Nettles.For an infusion of nettle need to take 15 grams or a tablespoon of herbs to 1 liter of boiling water.Insist 30 minutes, strain and let's drink 1 glass a day.

Horse chestnut is used as a tincture of 20 drops daily.

Wormwood.Excellent tool for the treatment of injuries.Collect fresh grass, grind until the juice, applied to the injured spot.If a strong contusion - apply a thick layer of the finished mixture.Do not allow that mixture would dry up, often wet with water on top of or change to a new one.In winter you can treat injuries using an ointment made on the basis of wormwood.

1 part dry grass, 4 parts of lard, butter or petroleum jelly.

hellebore is also an effective tool in the treatment of injuries.Fresh grass roots finely chopped down, pour boiling water and boil in water no more than half an hour.Warm broth to rub the sore spot.